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Z4 Roadster Getting the Big 4 Cylinder

BMW has just announced that the latest and greatest car they will be launching on US soil will be come fed with a 4 cylinder motor.  The engine will of course be turbo charged, capable of a very respectable 240 horse power.  The motor will power the new Z4, which will be featured at the New York Auto Show.

Of note is that the 4 cylinder being introduced, sDrive28i, is the first inline 4 cylinder produced by BMW in 10 years.  Coupled with the 6-speed transmission and 260 lb ft of torque it should be chipper enough in the small roadster, but is that what buyers are wanting?  Is the industry striving for smaller displacement and more forced induction?

What would you rather drive, a potent 6 cylinder or a wound tight 4 banger?