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Get the perfect wheels for your Camaro

There’s no denying that the body and the shape of the Camaro are attractive to look at. When you assess the performance of a Camaro, the Camaro wheels must surely feature as one of the most significant parts of your car for their ability to take you safely through the wide range of speeds and accelerations, and to enhance the style of your vehicle. Huntington Engineered Alloys manufactures wheels that are hub centric for their vehicle fitments. These wheels give you that standard of safety that you will need when you take your Camaro through its paces whether on the dirt track or the highways, interstate highways or freeways and of course the race tracks.

The importance of these wheels can be appreciated under poor weather conditions such as you will encounter during rains or snowfall and icy conditions when the roads can be slippery and hence you need better control over your car. The strength of the wheels needs to be adequate to withstand high stress loads during braking, extreme impact loads during travel through rough road conditions as well as torsion loads while experiencing adverse loading during transient conditions.

Huntington designs wheels that accept the OE Center Caps. In addition, each wheel has been designed to clear the larger brakes of the Camaro SS.

Today you can get an excellent range of Camaro wheels from reputed suppliers. These custom Camaro wheels could be ordered as Springdale wheels and Bolsa wheels. Huntington Engineered Alloys offers 18 inch Camaro wheels and 20 inch Camaro wheels as well as 22 inch Camaro wheels. You can also order these wheels for your Camaro in several varieties of finishes such as gloss black Camaro wheels, silver Camaro wheels as well as chrome Camaro wheels. If you wish to order the Bolsa wheels for your Camaro then you can order the Camaro RS wheels as well as Camaro LS wheels, Camaro SS wheels, the 2010 Camaro wheels besides the 2011 Camaro wheels.

One of the striking developments has been in Camaro SS rims. Wheel manufacturers have introduced the Bolsa five spoke wheels for the Camaro. These rims are bold and classically styled and have a modern look. With the set back hub and the graceful stylized groove down the center these rims will stand out in a crowd. The wheels are available in chrome or gloss black with a machine cut face and lip.


For further information on Camaro SS wheels and Camaro rims please visit http://www.huntingtonmusclecarwheels.com/

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Buy Wheel Center Caps

Wheel center caps can be one of the most frustrating parts of your car, they contribute to it’s looks, are one of the easiest parts to lose or have stolen, and at one time were a burden to find.  However, with the creation of the internet there are now countless outlets for you to find that replacement center cap, so you will no longer have to ride around with just 3 or 2 or just on rims.

Adding to the mix are the large number of different wheel center caps, which not only range in differences between manufacturers but also what they are made of.  Not all rims center caps are plastic, so finding an exact match requires some research.  Check out the partial list below of the different wheel center caps that may be on your car or truck.

  • Chrome Center Caps
  • Alloy Center Caps
  • Plastic Center Caps
  • Custom Center Caps
  • Aluminum Center Caps

As mentioned previously the make and manufacturer of your car will dictate which center cap you have as well.  Obviously there is a difference between Ford center caps, Chevrolet center caps, Mustang center caps, and Porsche center caps.

The benefits of buying a new or used center cap now are not limited to a cosmetic reason for yourself.  If you are interested in selling your vehicle, you can increase your asking price by simply spending a little money on center caps.  When buying a new cap I recommend using CenterCaps.net, simply because of their HUGE selection of over 1 million caps and reasonable prices.  Furthermore, most of the time you can get free shipping no matter how small or large your order is, as long as you live within the US.

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