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Sudden Acceleration Accident Video

We’ve all heard about the recalls, owners claiming their vehicles suddenly accelerated and ran out of control.  This tends to be the story and usually involves elderly individuals, so I remain skeptical.  However, here is a video showing a car accelerating out of control and into the back end of a minivan.  Obviously it’s difficult to get the entire story here, but you judge for yourself.

If You Park Like This, I Hate You

People don’t care, people are in a rush, whatever the excuse, if you park like the people in this video I hate you. There is simply no excuse for some of the positions these vehicles have been placed in. Also, there are scum worse than this out there, that would most likely deface your vehicle if you did park like this. So, act accordingly.

All New Ferrari In The Works?

Spy pic shooters in the Italian city of Maranello have shot some video of what could be an all new Ferrari model.  The good news is that the prototype is far enough along to be making rounds on the highway.  Bad news is that we haven’t heard any type of announcement from Ferrari announcing their intent, at least with a model that resembles this camouflaged treat.

The long front and hatch-type back end suggests a front engine rear wheel drive.  Perhaps a new GT?  Exciting things will start coming from Ferrari, especially since they announced they will be producing 6 new models before 2013.  I just can’t believe no specifics have yet been revealed…or at least a teaser.

For all we know this is a glimpse of the fuel efficient super car.  You decide.