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Z4 Roadster Getting the Big 4 Cylinder

BMW has just announced that the latest and greatest car they will be launching on US soil will be come fed with a 4 cylinder motor.  The engine will of course be turbo charged, capable of a very respectable 240 horse power.  The motor will power the new Z4, which will be featured at the New York Auto Show.

Of note is that the 4 cylinder being introduced, sDrive28i, is the first inline 4 cylinder produced by BMW in 10 years.  Coupled with the 6-speed transmission and 260 lb ft of torque it should be chipper enough in the small roadster, but is that what buyers are wanting?  Is the industry striving for smaller displacement and more forced induction?

What would you rather drive, a potent 6 cylinder or a wound tight 4 banger?

247 Horsepower Ford Focus

[ad#Top of Post Left]Too much is never enough, even when coupling V8 horsepower numbers in a small package.  The 2012 Ford Focus ST will be the mighty hatchback that could, expected in dealerships in 2012 as well.  Start salivating now, because this performer packs a big punch, that will hopefully make it to US shores.

How does the 2012 Ford Focus ST make 250 horsepower with just a 4-cylinder engine?  Well, it’s a tried and true forced induction method known as turbo-charging.  And not just ‘a’ turbo, but a twin-turbo setup that propels the Focus engine well beyond what it was originally designed for.

Although not just about performance, the 2012 Focus ST has a look all its own.  It’s meaty, has the obligatory wide mouth front bumper, and threatens the European market with low slung elegance.  Sharp side skirts and a tasteful deck spoiler line up perfectly with the Porsche Boxter inspired central exit exhaust.

Inside the 2012 Focus ST features racing seats, lots of carbon fiber accents, and a six speed fun stick.  According to those who have been able to test drive this pocket rocket, the tall shifter is actually capable of very short throws and speedy jamming of gears.  In addition, the dash, climate and audio controls look like they would be right at home in some Transformer movie or as a back drop for the latest NASA mission.

As for pricing, none has yet to be released.  My guess is that pricing won’t become available until they nerf the performance into the ground and can keep the Focus ST under $25k.  This would still make the 2012 Ford Focus ST the highest price Focus available, trumping the $22k price tag of the Titanium version available now.

2012 Ford Focus ST Pics:


Imagine a MINI Cooper on steroids, lifted, stretched, and morphed into something that resembles the space found in a mid-size SUV.  Now, wrap your mind around the idea of MINI producing such a vehicle under the Countryman moniker.  Next, MINI has decided to take the Countryman Cooper S and turn it into a Rally machine, essentially getting back to their racing roots.

The Countryman will be the largest Cooper built and the S model will be tuned to perform on the rally course.  It’s 4 doors and two turbos will provide utility and performance, to the tune of 0-60 in about 7 seconds.  Although this information is all in the research and development stage, figures hope to be firmed up by 2011, when MINI enters the rally car market.

Check out pictures of the jacked up MINI Cooper Countryman S:

B3 S BI Turbo BMW By Alpina

[ad#Google Adsense]Alpina has been making exclusive vehicles built around high-end luxury and astounding performance since 1983.  For the past 40 years they’ve been building their cars on the BMW platform, then tweaking to their own specs.  Often times this tweaking involves adding a potent turbo and other performance minded parts, not to mention increasing luxury to a level rivaling any Rolls Royce.  Well, they have done it again with the latest release of the B3 S Bi Turbo.

The B3 S BI Turbo has been built around the BMW 3 Series, marrying Bi-Turbo technology with the light weight and relatively small 3 Series chassis.  Originally released in 2008, the newly released 2010 version sports more torque, more performance, and less of the stuff car makers have come to hate, CO2 emissions.  It’s an update in outright performance and efficiency to achieve the green status so many elites crave in society today.

With the latest installment of the B3 S Bi-Turbo capable of pumping out 400 horsepower and 397 ft lbs of torque, it gives the driver reason to rev the engine to a smooth 7,000 RPM.  It’s high revving capable, but not necessary, because at 1,300 RPM there is already almost 300 horsepower already on tap.

What’s most impressive with the 2010 B3 S is it’s ability to out perform previous versions, yet still maintain 29.4 miles per gallon efficiency.  Furthermore the B3 Turbo has lowered their CO2 emissions, although it’d take a liberal scientist to figure out by how much.  According to the latest EU test of the B3, it’s total CO2 emissions check in at 224-225 g/km (I haven’t the slightest idea what this means).

Lastly, the B3 S Bi Turbo comes in 4 distinct model variations, including Saloon, Touring, Coupe, and Convertible.  The Saloon and Touring trims are option upgrade options that are applied to either a Coupe of Convertible model.  All are luxury personified, with exterior featuring functional performance modifications.  Even the front chin spoiler is functional, if one should choose to push all 400 horses through the switch-tronic rear-wheel or all-wheel drive transmission.

Inside the already luxurious BMW 3 Series has been upgraded, featuring custom seat and panel trim.  Plenty of custom embroidery and emblems adorn the panels and seats, making it obvious at first glance that this is no ordinary BMW.  The leather feels rich and the gas pedal feels powerful and it’s been specially built in small numbers for those who are both.

2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo Pics

You may remember back to us reporting on risky endeavor of Porsche to create a stationwagonesque grocery getter, the Panamera.  Now, we have some pictures of the 2010 Panamera Turbo and my feelings haven’t changed much.  It still looks like something the majority of people won’t buy, unless all they want is a functional status symbol.

I would imagine those looking for real performance won’t be interested in something as bulky as the Porsche Panamera.  Generally speaking my view is that there are two types of buyers, those that want performance, and those who buy what their wifes want.  These two types never mesh and it looks like Porsche’s target audience.  I’m ready to be proved wrong.