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Why Check Your Tire Pressure?

Why is it important to check your tire pressure?  It’s an easy task, that most of us never do as often as we should, if at all.  It’s recommended that you check the air pressure in your tires every time you get gas.  So why do so many not even own a tire gauge?

Years ago, think 70’s, 60’s, there were full service gas stations.  There were guys who would come out, fill up your car, wash the windows, check your fluids, and yes, even check the tire pressures.  Why would they check your tire pressure?  The check it, because it’s important and plays a roll in the performance of your vehicle.

Handling – Proper tire pressure will ensure that your automobile is handling the best that it can.  Low or over inflated tires will cause the car to handle irregularly and possibly cause accidents, longer stopping distance, and effect fast acceleration.

Fuel Efficiency – If tires have an improper pressure, then it can contribute to poor fuel efficiency.  Low pressure tires squat and cause too much drag, lowering your MPG.  When all 4 tires have the proper tire pressure, your vehicle will have lower rolling resistance and increase your MPG.

Safety From Blowouts – All tires have the proper tire pressure clearly printed on the side of the tire.  Usually the tire pressure is within a range of pressures, all being safe and optimal for the type of tire mounted.  It’s important to not stray for these recommendations, over inflation and even under inflation could possibly lead to a blow out.

So remember, go out and buy yourself a tire pressure gauge.  Most gas stations sell them and they can be purchased for under $1 and it’s obvious the benefits will out pace the cost.  Also, don’t forget, every time you fill up, check your tire pressure.

Tires For 4×4

Buying the right tire is much more involved than spending a few hours in line at Wal-mart only to have some snot nosed kid throw some cheapies on the rim.  Often times, for real enthusiasts, purchasing the right tire may be just as important decision as what type of rim to buy.  Factors involved with the purchase of tires range from use, to durability, life, and of course if they will look appealing on your vehicle.


When buying 4×4 tires the decision to purchase the right tires can be even more difficult.  4×4 tires can be a lot more expensive than your typical set of radials, typically durability and thread design has a bigger impact on the final value price.  Furthermore there are a lot of reputable brands to review and make sure they will fit your 4×4 needs.  For example a 4×4 tire for a real off roader looking to throw mud will buy a different tire than the soccer mom looking to outfir tires on their Lexus 4×4.

Xterrain is a 4×4 tire manufacturer that has a great reputation amongst the true off-road crowd.  Their ProComp series of 4×4 tires are used in competitions and are affordable enough to outfit any hobby truck or suv.  If you are new to 4×4 tire purchasing then it’s important to realize that while you may not recognize the name, Xterrain is made by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.  It’s typical of big name manufacturers to produce a 4×4 tire under a different name, so as you research your tires, expect to see some big names hiding behind popular 4×4 ‘extreme’ titles.

Tire Package

White Wall Tires

Are white wall tires making a come back this spring or are more people just fixing up old cars? Personally, I’m a fan of the fat white wall markings on old muscle cars, it just adds a nice antique look to an already beautiful car. But finding a set of white walls can be difficult to complete that winter project you have in your garage.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet I’ve found a few good sources for white wall tires and generally the best prices are on ebay. If you are scared about shipping, don’t be. Most tires, including white walls are capable of being UPS’d, so truck lines are not necessary.

Check out the white wall tires on ebay:
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