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09 Suzuki Equator

Looking to topple the Ford Ranger off the leader spot for small size truck, the 09 Suzuki Equater rolls like a Frontier.  The 09 Equater is a small truck setting on a Nissan frame and suspension components.  Other than badging and a few small differences, if you’ve driven a Nissan Frontier, you’ve driven a Suzuki Equator.

Nothing really to get excited about here, other than for the Suzuki ATV fanboys that want to pull their gear coordinated haulers.  The idea is that the customer base that buys all of Suzuki’s motorcycles, ATV’s, etc will want to pull those toys with a Suzuki branded truck as well.  So enters the Suzuki Equator.

In an economy that is struggling to sell new full size pick up trucks for $10,000, the entry level package for the Equator has me confused.  Atlthough there is plenty of standard equipment to keep buyers happy, the $33,000+ basic 09 Equator is a little intimmidating.  I think I’ll pass and spend my money on their toys, rather than their pickups.

2008 Suzuki XL7 Limited

The all new Suzuki XL7 Limited is getting rave reviews around the net for it’s functionality and what you get for your money.  A base line Limited model XL7 can be had for just over $27,000, which is a bargain for how much vehicle you actually get.  It’s roomy and the potent V6 boasts being able to tow a fairly heavy payload.

Suzuki XL7 Limited

The only downer is that the transmission doesn’t jive too well with the engine.  This means that those looking for a Green crossover, should probably look elsewhere, since gas mileage will suffer.

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New Suzuki SV650

Back in the day I had one of these torque monsters (relative to it’s size) and it was a phenomenal bike to drive. I couldn’t bring myself to adopt the Harley type bikes, nor did I particularly enjoy the high pitched whine of a crotch rocket, but the Suzuki SV650 made a nice compromise to both.

It’s an entry level bike, being the first big boy you may wrap your legs around, but allows for plenty of room for growth. I enjoyed mine for several years before finally retiring to sports cars, but I still miss tearing around town and long winding roads. Yes, I’m being nostalgic, but just looking at the SV 650 makes my heart race again, although I had the slightly more attractive SV650S model. 😉

Suzuki SV650

Pros Easy to manage, ideal first ‘big’ bike and far more comfortable than its half faired brother. They sound the business with aftermarket pipes as well

Cons Maybe physically small for some and not the sharpest looker in the group

Thanks VisorDown for a trip down memory lane.

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Suzuki Makai Pic

I never was a fan of the Woody Van, complete with surfboard adorning the top. Not to mention the blonde haired buff boys just did nothing for me.

Suzuki Makai

Well, that’s what this new Suzuki Makai reminds me of. However, I’m sure the 19″ Rims and LED brake lights will appeal to that younger, hipper, more not old fashioned look, as I do. pfft Only the stock boys at Abercrombie and the girly men at the local Lotion Shop will enjoy this new concept.

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