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Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid

Resembling an iPhone on wheels, the soon to be in production Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid will be hitting the streets in Japan first.  Similar to other electric vehicles, the Swift promises a 30km range on a single electric charge.  In addition, there is an onboard engine generator that is capable of extending that distance, however Suzuki has been tight lipped about earnest reach.

The battery used in the Suzuki Swift is a lithium ion battery, that pushes the engine and electric motor to produce around 120 hp when combined.  Although Suzuki promises the Swift will be lighter than it’s closest competitor, it’s still in concept phase.  Suzuki promises that it will resemble the pictures of the Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid below when it finally gets put into production in 2013.  I shall wait with baited breath.

Suzuki SXForce Concept Car Pics

[ad#Top of Post Left]Ok, I know I’m late to the game regarding the Suzuki SXForce, but still wanted to get some pictures added to the site.  The Suzuki SXForce concept car was originally debuted back in 2007 and since then has fell flat on its face.  That is, this car will never see the light of day.  Unfortunately this is the same fate that faces most concept cars.

The downer is that you can’t find any real information on the Suzuki SXForce on the official Suzuki USA website.  Lots of concept car pictures, but no information.  I had to turn to news archives from car shows in 2007 and 2008 to even find a piece of actual projected specs on the car.

I found that the SXForce was supposed to be the child of motorcycle and Suzuki cars.  Looks like a rally car on the outside, but the inside contains some very peculiar handlebars instead of steering wheel.

250 horsepower from a 2.0 liter turbo charged engine, seems pretty standard.  For a concept car it does little more than ask the question, Why?  Please, for the love of all that is holy in this world, why not spend concept dollars on actual developments or concept cars that will potentially see the light of day.

At any rate, better late than never, here are the Suzuki SXForce concept car pics.

2011 Suzuki Kizashi

Suzuki has yet to be known for their mid size sedan offerings, but they are hoping this will change with the upcoming release of the 2011 Kizashi.  Even though the new sedan name sounds like a raw fish appetizer, Suzuki is hoping they can build on the success of their compact car offerings.  If they can start stealing market share with little cars, why can’t they do it with midsize?  Not to mention the pie is a little larger, weighing in at 20% of Canada’s market.

Like most press releases from car manufacturers in a recession, it’s full of big words and supposed cutting edge technology.  Plenty of references to european style handling, expensive styling ques, and the ability to be had for a fraction of the next closest competitors price.  But what stands out to me is its lack of engine options.  Early adopters of the Suzuki Kizashi will have only one choice for engines, a 4 cylinder.

Now, this works in compact cars, but I’m not sure how it will stack up in the mid size market.  The minimum offering should at least be a 4cylinder gas saver for the car-pooler without friends and then a 6 cylinder option for those living in the mountains driving a full load.  Fill a mid size sedan up with 4 fat ass business types, throw in some luggage, and good luck getting that 4 cylinder to react and perform like other sedans on the market with v6 offerings.

That being said, just because it’s got the same safety equipment, handling, and amenities of every other mid size sedan on the market doesn’t mean you can take some pie.  It will only take one poor review from a fat driver to put your sales in the tank.  Good luck Suzuki, but please hurry up and plan on offering a V6 option in the 2011 Kizashi.

It’s amazing how far of a cry the final 2011 Suzuki Kizashi is from the concept a few months back.  So much for hoping for a performance minded mid size sedan.

2010 Suzuki Kizashi Pics

I’ve not been paying as close attention to the new 2010 Suzuki Kizashi as I should have.  These latest pics appear to put fears to rest, in regards to what a 4-Door luxury Suzuki could look like.

This is not a Suzuki laid out over a GM platform, this is a completely redesigned and revisioned 4-Door sedan from Suzuki.  Personally, I love the looks, and if they can add just the right amount of luxury they will have a serious contender.  According to industry analysts, like Edmunds.com, expect 4 cylinder and performance 6 cylinder options available.

Edmunds.com has also just announced that Suzuki may be working on a 2011 release of the Kizashi, in hybrid form.

Suzuki Equator Viable Option

The reviews are in for Suzuki’s new small truck offering, the Suzuki Equator.  For all intents and purposes the Equator is a carbon copy of the Frontier, with a few small offerings that make it a Suzuki.  Furthermore the Suzuki Equator holds it’s own in terms of ruggedness and dependability with the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota, so why choose the Equator?

Options may be what sets the Equator apart from the rest of the small truck pack.  For example, most tests are performed on the top of the line Equator RMZ-4, which comes packing 261 horsepower paired with a 5 speed automatic.  Obviously this type of setup will over power the more common 4 cylinder Ranger or weak v6 Dakota.  Hell, this RMZ-4 option setup offers towing for up to 6,000 lbs.

Once you start removing all the bells and whistles and start looking at a more modestly equipped Equator then the playing field becomes more even.  Most industry experts like the Equator, but be careful with the options because the price tag can easily sore to over $30,000, which seems like a lot for this old soul for a small size pickup.

Suzuki Equator

Suzuki Equator