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New Dodge Viper

It would seem in every horror movie, the villain always manages to come back from the dead, at least once, to provide the audience with one last thrill.  Dodge is now promising a return of the super car, Viper, as soon as next year.  How is that for shock, fear, and amazement.  Furthermore, Dodge is planning some serious tricks in this round of Viper to promise that it’s not just a simple copy ‘n paste.

Just today Dodge released a picture of the new Viper, being tested and tweaked in the snow.  Reportedly Dodge is promising some electronic stability this go around, which will be a first for the 10 cylinder rear wheel drive beast.

American supercar purists shall remain reserved in their excitement, considering the new Viper will share components with existing European supercars.  Which components, what lineup, and what percentage of foreign involvement has yet to be released.  Of course Dodge is promising an exhilarating experience for any buyer, but is it still too soon to consider the original American supercar dead?

New Dodge Viper

New Dodge Viper

2012 Nissan GT-R

I wouldn’t necesarily call 485 horsepower super car material, but the upcoming revamp of the GT-R or American bred Skyline is sure to please.  Consider it tweaked to higher standards and a stand out amongst import super car fans, who long for the Skyline available in Japan.  With more horsepower, better aerodynamics, and some extra functional tweaks to appearance.

First of all, what makes the 2012 Nissan GT-R so amazing as a sports car is it’s ability to perform like a race car.  At high speeds the GT-R puts the body lines to work, with functional aerodynamics.  This allows the GT-R to handle better, accelerate faster, and exit the lines on curves like a pro.

Hyper Blue is the color of choice for demo models of the 2012 GT-R being shown off to European countries.  Starting early next year, 2011, we can hopefully see some of these beauties on American show room floors.  In addition, don’t expect a big price jump because of all these improvements, Nissan is shooting for a low $80,000 price tag like the 2011 GT-R models.

2012 Nissan GT-R Pics:

Atom V8 Pictures

Ariel Atom has released information on an all new Atom, powered by a small V8.  Perhaps you haven’t heard about the super light weight frame of a car, typically powered by motorcycle engines, and perhaps you’ve been living in a cave.  Atom stormed the scene a few years back with a debut of an affordable car that was capable of producing performance figures comparable to Lamborghini and Ferrari.  They have now taken the next step and built a car running on a throaty, yet tiny V8 engine and calling it the Ariel Atom 500.

[box type=”info”]The Atom 500 will be capable of 0-60 in under 3 seconds and 0-100 in under 7![/box]

The tiny one seater car will have a V8 capable of producing 500 horsepower.  This may not be an impressive figure, until you consider this will be the highest power-to-weight ratio car ever produced.  That can be interpreted as scary fast!

The V8 engine itself in the small Atom is a work of art, with displacement only at 2.4 liters.  The Atom’s V8 will be super charged and hit the 500 horsepower mark at around 10,000 RPMs.  Ariel reports that the combination will allow the Atom 500 to do 0-60 in less than  3 seconds and a startling 0-100 in under 7.  Again, these performance numbers are capable because of the massive hp to weight ratio.

Ariel announced the Atom 500 will only be built in limited quantities, so the thriving Atom community will be clamoring for a taste.  Although research and development of the Atom 500 began back in 2007, no official release date has been announced.

Lamborghini Super Car Pic

Lamborghini has released another image teasing us about the upcoming supercar that will debut at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.  The Lamborghini rumor mill suggests that the new super car will focus less on top speed and more on handling and acceleration.  This is a step away from previous models goals of trying to hit the trifecta of top speed, acceleration, and handling.

Below are the two images released by Lamborghini, which are nothing more than a tease of what will be coming.  If it’s from Lamborghini I can guarantee the buzz is real and what pops up at Paris will be the new poster child for what the common man will never attain.

McLaren MP4 12C Supercar

McLaren is working on developing a following for it’s upcoming supercar, the MP4-12C.  For the first time ever, the MP4-12C will be available on US soil starting next summer.  McLaren has been working feverishly to build a base, setup dealerships, and even create a US online persona so consumers can finally get in line to buy.  A lot of work for a very exclusive supercar, McLaren aims to please and the 592 hp MP4-12C doesn’t leave a lot on the table.

Amazingly enough, McLaren speculates that the first full 2 years of production MP4-12C supercars have already been pre-purchased.  So, even if you decide today that you want one and have the cash, don’t expect delivery until sometime in 2013.  The low slung and stubby monster was inspired by F1 designed race cars and show off almost as hefty a price tag.

Because of it’s price and limited availability the MP4-12C will only be previewed in select markets, where the wealthy tend to congregate.  For example, it’s first showing will be at Pebble Beach and later Beverly Hills.  All in all there will only be 8 dealerships selling the rare supercar or more accurately housing the already sold car.