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Sedans With Power – The 2013 Ford Taurus

Each week will be highlighting a new Sedan that we have test driven, this week the 2013 Ford Taurus impressed us with the power it possessed. If you are a driver who likes to feel their head slap the head rest whenever you push the pedal, then read on!

The 2013 Ford Taurus SHO offers drivers a remarkable 365 horsepower engine, which is ironically an Ecoboost TwinTurbo. Now if you know about the other engines that come with the 2013 Taurus already, then you may know that there is another, much smaller 2.0 EcoBoost, which is a much wimpier 4-cylinder.  This is the engine that represents a distant cousin that nobody talks to at family gatherings. The V6 EcoBoost pushes out 350 pound-feet of torque at just 1500 RPMs . That’s a lot of torque for a so called family sedan.

Although the engine is something to praise about, a lot of others have made comments that they didn’t really have much fun driving the vehicle. Yes the power was great, but they weren’t too happy with how the vehicle handled, and turned. They had hoped to be able to feel more of the vehicle’s handling. Three words, ALL WHEEL DRIVE. AWD is a standard feature with the SHO. For many, having this will outweigh the minor lack of feel when steering.

Just by looking at the new 2013 Taurus you can tell it’s hiding something under that hood that could do some damage. It has a whole new presence, its muscular, its bold, and of course it’s “Built Ford Tough”. When a sedan shares the same engine as a F-150 and Explorer you kind of need to step back, and just go…WOAH!

When we took the Taurus SHO for a spin at Tindol Ford in North Carolina, we felt the Taurus accelerate underneath us, the power of the sedan radiates from the front. It is a relatively quiet ride, even with such a ravenous engine. The interior is quite large, comfortable, and the headrest offers good support to eliminate any whiplash when punching it. Now this isn’t your fuel friendly sedan you see cruising around your neighborhood. Even still we were able to get about 20 miles per gallon when pushing it hard down two lanes of freeway. Of course obeying the speed limits – the best we could.

Quick conclusion: The 2013 Taurus SHO might not be the best choice for those who want to feel the road beneath them, whenever they steer into those winding turns, but it is best suited for those that want to have that punch on the highway. Having a large V6 engine, with EcoBoost technology and standard AWD, lets just say…it had us at hello.