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front of Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista Concept Pics

Lamborghini has been and always will be at the forefront of design, that mimics the future.  Sharp lines, thruster mimic’d exhaust, and a car that borders unusable.  It’s for looks, it’s for boasting speed, and for showing off what could be done.  That’s why Lamborghini makes the best concept cars, the Egoista is no exception.

The Egoista is a single seater super car, with more than 600 horsepower and a cock pit that seems better fit inside a fighter jet.  It’s cliche, but the concept looks like it was built for a flying car, not a road warrior.  Even the rear of the vehicle mimics flaps and thrusters like what you would see on an aircraft.

But, I digress, it’s all for show, it is a concept and an outlandish Lamborghini.  This is why the spectacle garners so much attention from the automotive crowd.  And this is why, even the name, Egoista, means “selfish”.  Thank you Walter de Silva for creating such an amazing looking concept, perhaps the closest any of us will get to our very own rocket ship.

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Red Alfa Romeo Hood

Alfa Romeo Finally Coming to The US

There have been a lot of issues and delays with bringing Alfa Romeo to the United States.  Thankfully, we are now only months away from seeing the first 4C Alfa Romeo cars hitting the streets of the USA.  According to Alfa Romeo, the first 100 4C’s will ship to the US by late June or July of 2014.

It’s been close to 20 years since Alfa Romeo has been able to sell cars in the US.  Even this close to finally having an official product available, details are still being kept secret.  For example, where will you be able to buy the Alfa Romeo 4C?  There are 2 different dealerships that are being considered, Fiat and Maserati.

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Convertible Pony Projector

Pony Projectors On New Ford Mustangs

The calendar is about to roll over to 2014 and the amazing options on vehicles continues to soar.  What’s caught my eye today is the Pony Projector, which can be found on new Ford Mustangs.  This mirror mounted light projects an image of the iconic Pony onto the ground, other than looking cool, it also serves a purpose.

Have you ever got out of your car at night and stepped square in the middle of a puddle?  How about stepping into a big pile of doggy business?  This light is designed to show you exactly where your first step out of the Mustang will land.  Of course, it also looks bad ass.  Check out the Pony Projector images and video below.

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Toyota Supra Concept White

2015 Toyota Supra

Will there be a new sports car from Toyota, with the Supra name?  We still don’t know, as of this post, any news is still just rumor.  The Toyota Supra holds a special place in my heart, so I can only hope it will be revitalized and more importantly, recognized.

What good is putting a label on a concept, if you can’t immediately recognize it?  It’s like when Ford redesigned the classic Pony Car, even without the badges you knew exactly what model car it was.  I hope the 2015 Supra has the same effect.  You’ll know from the lines, the stance, and front facia’s that it’s all new Supra, not just an all new something.

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Red Ferrari Lifted

Trip Inside A Ferrari Service Bay

Not everyone gets the opportunity to walk around a service bay, filled with millions of dollars worth of cars.  Thankfully, when Redditor gary88 did, he shared the images with the world.  This Ferrari service bay is just packed full of classics and new hotness.  Look at some of the pics here and on the Ferrari post at Reddit.

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