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Suzuki SXForce Concept Car Pics

[ad#Top of Post Left]Ok, I know I’m late to the game regarding the Suzuki SXForce, but still wanted to get some pictures added to the site.  The Suzuki SXForce concept car was originally debuted back in 2007 and since then has fell flat on its face.  That is, this car will never see the light of day.  Unfortunately this is the same fate that faces most concept cars.

The downer is that you can’t find any real information on the Suzuki SXForce on the official Suzuki USA website.  Lots of concept car pictures, but no information.  I had to turn to news archives from car shows in 2007 and 2008 to even find a piece of actual projected specs on the car.

I found that the SXForce was supposed to be the child of motorcycle and Suzuki cars.  Looks like a rally car on the outside, but the inside contains some very peculiar handlebars instead of steering wheel.

250 horsepower from a 2.0 liter turbo charged engine, seems pretty standard.  For a concept car it does little more than ask the question, Why?  Please, for the love of all that is holy in this world, why not spend concept dollars on actual developments or concept cars that will potentially see the light of day.

At any rate, better late than never, here are the Suzuki SXForce concept car pics.

Honda V4 VFR1200 Motorcycle Leaked Photos

If the idea of strapping a 4 cylinder motor between your legs sounds exciting, then keep your eyes on this all new Honda VFR1200 motorcycle.  Reportedly in production and expected to be released in 2010, the Honda VFR1200 plans on revolutionizing the sport bike industry.  According to Motorcycle News in the UK the photos below are reportedly of the finished production model.

Although the specifications are still under wraps, reportedly the 4 cylinder motorcycle engine will produce around 200 horsepower.  To remain friends with green drivers 2 of the 4 cylinders will reportedly operate under normal load.  The only time all 4 cylinders will kick in is when you are ready to launch.  Sounds thrilling.

Do Motorcycles Pollute More Than SUVs?

Green Motorcycles

Green Motorcycles

Recently there was a post in the The-Grayline.com automotive forum stating that motorcycles pollute more than trucks and SUVs.  The thread starter claims that the typical motorcycle will emit 10 times more pollutants compared to a passenver car, light truck, or SUV.  Personally, I find it hard to believe, but is there any truth to the inefficiency of motorcycles.

California has already taken steps to to make sure all motorcycles on the road are meeting or exceeding emission standards.  However, these standards are different than passenger vehicles and may reflect a lower requirement.  In February of 2009 California issued legislature to require maintenance and smog check checks every year for motorcycles.

An argument more fitting to the emissions of motorcycles is, don’t we have bigger fish to fry?  I mean, motorcycles are typically driven only a few months out of the year, compared to passenger cars that are driven year round.  So, focusing on such a small percentage of the actual problem shouldn’t we work on broader strokes?  Even more to the point, if it’s a single person getting from A-B isn’t it more efficient to drive a motorcycle than a 4 passenger vehicle?

Used Motorcycles On eBay

If you are like me you are spending every waking moment outside enjoying the sun and great outdoors.  Unfortunately if you are also like me you can’t afford a brand new motorcycle to go out cruising on, therefore a used motorcycle is right up my ally.  Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on the changing prices of motorcycles on eBay and hoping for a good deal.

I’m kind of torn between buying a used crotch rocket or used harley style motorcycle.  It really kind of depends on the location of the used bike and what kind of deal I can get on it, really I could go either way.  But from my research I can tell that finding a used motorcycle on ebay is the best place to buy on the net.

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New Suzuki SV650

Back in the day I had one of these torque monsters (relative to it’s size) and it was a phenomenal bike to drive. I couldn’t bring myself to adopt the Harley type bikes, nor did I particularly enjoy the high pitched whine of a crotch rocket, but the Suzuki SV650 made a nice compromise to both.

It’s an entry level bike, being the first big boy you may wrap your legs around, but allows for plenty of room for growth. I enjoyed mine for several years before finally retiring to sports cars, but I still miss tearing around town and long winding roads. Yes, I’m being nostalgic, but just looking at the SV 650 makes my heart race again, although I had the slightly more attractive SV650S model. 😉

Suzuki SV650

Pros Easy to manage, ideal first ‘big’ bike and far more comfortable than its half faired brother. They sound the business with aftermarket pipes as well

Cons Maybe physically small for some and not the sharpest looker in the group

Thanks VisorDown for a trip down memory lane.

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