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Chrysler Offering Vehicle Apps

Chrysler has started offering vehicle apps in place of manuals for new car buyers. Although it’s not as nice as getting a brand new iPad with new car purchase, it is a step in the right direction for replacing the bulky books that accompany new cars.  Yet another way to look at this technological advance is that it saves the manufacturer money, but costs the consumer in the long run.

To find the value of car manuals one needs to only look so far as the collector car market.  Antique cars, old muscle cars, and any other collector car becomes more valuable if the original books and information are sold with the car.  Even on their own, many manuals for antique cars go for a pretty penny on places like eBay, mainly purchased to ‘complete’ their restoration.

We all know the real reason Chrysler is including an app with each car purchase is because it saves them the money on printing all those books.  It does however allow them to be more thorough, include finer details, and even examples in an electronic format that wouldn’t be possible with traditional print on paper.

The vehicle brands that will be affected first will be Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat, which already include a DVD at purchase time.  Not only has Chrysler taken the big step going electronic with manuals, they are also pushing FloTV, the first mobile television subscription.  Also, new Chrysler vehicles have the option of buying technology that turns their vehicle into a mobile WiFi hotspot.  Going electronic with a vehicle manual app is the next logical step.  But what will we be selling on eBay in the future when collectors start restoring that 2011 4-Door Jeep Wrangler?

Texas State Driver Education Information

Almost everywhere you go in the entire world there are cars zipping along here and there going from place to place. In order to be one of those people who are driving these a cars around, one must pass the driver education training course before jumping behind the wheel. All states have certain requirement one must accomplish before being able to drive alone without anyone guiding you. In the state of Texas, one must complete an entire checklist of things before obtaining your own driver´s license.

In the great state of Texas, one must be at least fifteen years old to begin the Texas driver education training process. There are a few different ways to go about taking the first step. One should contact their local Department of Public Safety and tell them that you are going to attempt to get your learner´s permit. After informing the DPS about you learning hoe to drive, one will have to make the choice on how they want to start their driver education training. One way to begin Texas driver education is to attend a state approved driver´s education course. There are many schools in the Texas are that specialize in nothing but traffic rules, regulations, and safety. If this doesn´t interest you there are a few other options as well.

In 1997, Texas approved a parent taught driver education course which allows parents to be in control of their child´s learning ability. One must tell their local DPS that they have opted to take the parent taught driver education course. One will have to fill out the DL 92 request form before proceeding with this process. A parent will then receive a handbook and they will be responsible for teaching their child the rules of the road. The last option one can make is to take the driver education classroom portion of driver training online.

Online driver education is a terrific option for both the teen and parent if they should choose this route. One must make sure that the online course is a state approved driver education course before enrolling into the class. Online Texas Drivers Ed is a great choice because it eliminates parents from having to manipulate their schedules around in order to cart their child to and from class. Teens are benefited because they can work in the comfort of their own home and work at their own pace. This allows teens to better comprehend the subject matter which will have them more prepared to drive behind the steering wheel of a car.

After the first six hours of instruction is complete, one can apply for their Texas Instruction permit from their local DPS. Another thirty two hours of training is still required after this as well as fourteen hours of behind the wheel training. After one accomplishes all these things, one will be ready to test for their driver´s license and hopefully be able to drive alone without any adult or guardian in the pasenger seat.