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Honda Accord Hybrid Review with Toyota Tundra – Tech Specs

The Honda Accord Amalgam is said to accept created its own class if it was aboriginal launched. It is an amalgam car with the admeasurements and amenities of an about affluence vehicle. It is a part of the bigger amalgam cars in the bazaar today and a part of those with the lot of able engines to bout its big body.
It uses what Honda calls the Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology. What it does is that this arrangement can shut off 3 of the engine’s 6 cylinders if needed. For example, if you are on continued amplitude of the alley with a connected acceleration and no traffic, this address will accomplish your ammunition burning abundant bigger because of the bargain amount of cylinders at work. This does not accept abundant aftereffect on the engine’s ability output.
A V6 engine admiral the Honda Accord Amalgam authoritative it at par in agreement of ability with its added commercially accessible variant. This is area Honda got it appropriate if it approved to position the Accord for the added ability acquainted buyers who are in the bazaar for both bigger ammunition economies after abundant cede in the car’s performance. This Honda Accord Engines admiral the better of its chic authoritative it abundant bout for added gas engines. It as well makes it accessible for the disciplinarian to feel like he is still active an approved car and not an amalgam at all.
The Honda Accord Amalgam is the absolute car for those who still wish abundant ability beneath the awning while getting added environmentally acquainted of the furnishings of archetypal gas engines. It is about an affluence car by itself and may not feel like you are active an amalgam until you analysis your engine. Whereas the new Toyota Arctic appear in the year 2007 is accessible in three physique styles – the 4-door Quad cab, 2-door Regular cab along with the 4-door Crew cab. The car is offered in 3 types of Toyota arctic engines, namely the 4.0-liter 1GR-FE V6 VVT engine that produces 236-horse power, 5.7 liter 3UR-FE V8 Dual VVT.
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Who Says Electric Has To Be Dull?

At the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, FIAT showed a mysterious concept car called the “FIAT 500 BEV”. Journalists were told this was a working title for the little car on display and the BEV suffix stood for Battery Electric Vehicle. There wasn’t much data released at the show so it appears that FIAT simply wanted to make the statement that “they too” were investing in the electric car concept. Journalists noted that electric drivetrain part was fantastic but the car’s utilitarian look needed a little help.

Well, fast forward two years and things have changed a little. Now officially named the Fiat 500E, Fiat has jazzed things up a little and the first FIAT 500Es will be shown to the public at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show starting Nov. 30, 2012. Pictured below in striking orange decor, the first 500Es will be available first in California. We visited our Arrigo Palm Beach FIAT dealer and they suggested that later in 2013 that they may be released to other FIAT dealers.

As far as technology details are concerned, we are told that Chrysler technology is behind the 500E’s electric running gear. This makes perfect sense as it would seem a natural to install an all-electric drivetrain into the FIAT 500 rather than a larger car, say a Dodge Dart. Not only does the FIAT 500 present a smaller, much lighter form factor, having an electric FIAT would frankly be good for FIAT US public relations.

Pricing has yet to be determined on the 500E but competitive forces would likely put in the $30K range as this would be less than the other electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf (retail $36,050), Ford Focus Electric (retail $39,900), and the Chevy Volt (retail $39,145). As previously stated, we should all know quite a bit more about the 500E as soon as the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show opens.

Electric Vehicle Concerns for Winter

[ad#Top of Post Left]The big push for electric vehicles or EV, has been targeted at large population centers.  Specifically in the US, where pollution, traffic, and even safety can be bettered if more people drove short distance electric vehicles.  However, as EV owners are finding out, there are more bumps in the road when driving an all electric commuter.

Most notably is the recent outcry by individuals who find that their electric vehicles distance capabilities are greatly decreased during the winter months.  Heating the cabin of a vehicle requires a lot of extra energy from the battery, energy that would normally be used to spin the tires to advertised lengths.  However, large population centers like New York and Chicago get quite cold during the winter, lowering the usability of green technology.

Some work has been put into redesigning EV cabins, to supposedly make them super insulated.  There are designs being tested right now that claim to be able to heat a cars cabin using only the passengers body heat.  Unfortunately, this isn’t being put to use right now and those frigid winters in the Windy City are mighty freightening in a tiny little electric car.

Consideration is also being given to electric vehicles that remain on a power grid, which would allow them to be preheated before the driver even gets in the car.  However, some doubts have been raised over any savings that would normally be made by driving an all electric vehicle during the colder months of the year.  Turns out that the  inefficient internal combustion motor is great at giving off heat and providing a toasty drive to work in January.

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid

Resembling an iPhone on wheels, the soon to be in production Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid will be hitting the streets in Japan first.  Similar to other electric vehicles, the Swift promises a 30km range on a single electric charge.  In addition, there is an onboard engine generator that is capable of extending that distance, however Suzuki has been tight lipped about earnest reach.

The battery used in the Suzuki Swift is a lithium ion battery, that pushes the engine and electric motor to produce around 120 hp when combined.  Although Suzuki promises the Swift will be lighter than it’s closest competitor, it’s still in concept phase.  Suzuki promises that it will resemble the pictures of the Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid below when it finally gets put into production in 2013.  I shall wait with baited breath.

C-X75 Electric Super Car by Jaguar

Jaguar has released more information on their all electric super car, known as the C-X75.  Debuted at the Paris Auto Show, the all new slim lined super car promises heart stopping acceleration, to the tune of 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.  So let’s look at how Jaguar achieved supercar performance from an all electric vehicle, a goal trying to be reached by major car manufacturers, like the Lamborghini Electric Super Car and the 700 HP Porsche Hybrid.

[box type=”info”]C-X75 contains a 200 hp motor, no wait, it contains 4 of them![/box]

The C-X75 is powered by four separate motors, each providing the go juice to a single wheel, to the tune of 200 horse power.  So, if my math skills from 2nd grade still hold up, that means the Jaguar electric super car is pumping out a total of 800 hp.  Even more amazing is the total torque of over 1,100 lb ft.

Although the Jaguar C-X75 is considered all electric super goodness, it does have the ability to extend it’s electric only range via the use of 2 gasoline turbines.  The turbines produce enough electricity for the C-X75 to travel over 550 miles.  None of the power to the car ever comes directly from the gasoline turbines, rather the power produced goes to the batteries in the Jag and then to each wheel.  Without the aid of the gas turbines, the C-X75 is only capable of about 68 miles.

With the speeds this super car is capable of, the all electric max distance may take just 20 mins to run out of juice. Ha!  Count me in.