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New Glasses For 04 Mustang

The latest and earliest addition to the 04 Mustang GT Convertible Project Car is a new set of headlights. Tired and weather beaten, the fastest and easiest face lift was with new head lights. Price wise, it’s a great starting point to start customizing the Mustang. I chose Andy’s Auto Sports as my source for the new Mustang’s glasses.

Where to buy?

Andy’s Auto Sports has a phenomenal inventory and selection of automotive parts. Simply put, it’s staggering at all the vehicles they cover and are capable of providing components for. Thankfully, their website is easy to navigate and all the auto parts are organized under the year, model, and part category you are looking to purchase. My only complaint is that once I decided on headlights, I then had to choose from a number of manufacturers before seeing the product. I’m not familiar with some of the import part makers, so it would have been nice to see all the company’s products listed together at that point in a gallery format. However, available telephone support, fast and easy to navigate website, along with freight speeds make this a 5 Star buying experience.

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Saleen Ford GT Auction

On Saturday, a pre-production Ford GT was auctioned off that was owned by the sports car tuner Steve Saleen.  The Ford GT isn’t exactly a daily driver, nor will you see them every where you go, this super car is a limited edition.  Furthermore, there are a number of reasons this auction is unique and will be a one of a one of a kind.

1. It’s a Ford GT.

These super cars retailed for around $150,000 and because of their very limited production, usually sold for much higher than that.  They are a super charged 5.4 liter, light weight monster, built with the latest technology and a worthy super car name wearing Ford.

2. The Ford GT was owned by Steve Saleen.

You know, the guy who designed the S7 supercar, Saleen F-150’s, Mustangs, and pretty much any other Ford product he could get his hands on.  Usually known for their sharp graphic packages and a nack for handling better than cars twice the cost.  Steve Saleen is a legend and anything he has owned or placed his autograph on will be worth many times more than the items original value.

3. This Ford GT was A Prototype/Pre Production Model

That’s right, this car was given to Steve Saleen to drive before the GT’s were even being manufactured.  Consider it a preview of what was to come, only, one person got to watch the clip.  This makes the auction for this Ford GT even more rare and a sight to behold.

The 3 reasons above make this one of the most intriguing auctions ever and an awesome buy for any car enthusiast.  No doubt this Ford GT will be taken out of commission and find it’s way into a collectors museum or back in Ford’s museum garage.

2011 Mustang GT Already On eBay

I can’t believe it, there is already a listing for a 2011 Mustang GT on eBay! For months now Mustang sellers have been clouding the search results by throwing the #11 in all their listings, even if it was a 2010, just to pick up extra visits. It’s misleading, not to mention annoying.

The first actual listing I’ve found on eBay is for a Red 2011 Mustang GT, with a Buy It Now Price of $33,355. It’s a 6-speed automatic with brown leather seats…which is ok I suppose.

[phpbay]2011 Ford Mustang 2dr Cpe GT, 1, “6010”, “”[/phpbay]

I’ve yet to see any of these beauties on local lots…although I haven’t done a lot of looking today.

Ferrari 250 GT from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off For Sale

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California

Although not a true blue Ferrari 250 GT, it is the replica used on the set of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The car will be going up for auction in Britain next month and expect to bring in close to $65,000 USD. Had the car been an actual Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California that amount would have been much higher, so the price point is being set only because the replica was used in a popular 80’s film.

Consider the fact that Ferrari only made 100 250 GT’s between 1958 and 1963. The Ferrari 250 series cars were also credited with inspiring Lamborghini to start making sports cars, originally a tractor manufacturer. The story goes that Ferrucio Lamborghini owned 3 Ferrari 250 series cars, but was unhappy with frequent clutch problems. So he complained to Enzo Ferrari, which in turn simply insulted Ferrucio. Ferrucio Lamborghini pledge to build a better GT car than Ferrari and thus the legends were born.

2010 Mustang GT

Ford has seriously revamped the all new 2010 Mustang GT, making an already appealing car drip with sex appeal.  At least for a car nut like myself, the only thing needed to complete the package would be a Racing Fuel smelling air freshner, dangling from the rear view mirror.  But I digress, the new 2010 Mustang GT is really starting to win over even the most jaded reviewers of Fords staple stallion.

Sound Piping

The most noticable change in the 2010 Mustang Gt is the sound you hear in the cabin.  Ford has literally piped in sound from the engine bay, to the cabin, so you can enjoy the sweet tones of the 4.6 liter V8.   This all new for 2010 sound pipe is equipped with a Tuned Membrane to allow the perfect transfer of sound, no fumes, to the driver and those lucky enough to be riding along.

2010 Mustang Mods

Those lucky enough to swing by the Mustang Stable at the Los Angeles International Auto Show was able to fully customize an all new 2010 Mustang.  Thanks to computer technology customers could build and modify to their hearts content and then see the Mustang built right in front of them, on the computer screen.  Optional accessories and modifications include everything from different wheels and tires to hood and sidescoops.

“Nobody has done this before with a new vehicle as popular as Mustang,” said Mark Conforzi, chief designer, Vehicle Personalization.

These mods will be available to anyone ordering a 2010 Mustang from their local dealership.  As of this posting Ford is making available over 40 unique mods that can be ordered.  No doubt this will be a great selling point for those that want to make their 2010 Mustang their own, without hitting up after market companies.

When Can You Buy 2010 Mustang GT?

Ford is suspected to open up orders for the 2010 Mustang this Spring, but your wait may depend on your order.  Knowing the condition of the Big 3 right now they may be hungry to push these out the door.  Retail is expected to be around $28,000 for the 315 horsepower V8 2010 Mustang GT.

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2010 Mustang GT

2010 Mustang GT