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If You Park Like This, I Hate You

People don’t care, people are in a rush, whatever the excuse, if you park like the people in this video I hate you. There is simply no excuse for some of the positions these vehicles have been placed in. Also, there are scum worse than this out there, that would most likely deface your vehicle if you did park like this. So, act accordingly.

La-Z-Boy Recliner Involved In Collision

This is an old story from 2008, but still too funny not to mention.  Allegedly, Dennis Anderson converted a La-Z-Boy recliner into a motorized vehicle.  The chair was powered by a lawnmower type engine, complete with lights, steering wheel, stereo speakers, and cup holders.  Unfortunately Anderson lounged around town while drunk and ended up hitting a vehicle.

Dennis had already lost his license because of a previous DUI, which was probably why he was driving a recliner down the road.  However, he blames a woman for jumping in the chair while in motion, which caused him to swerve into another car.  Anderson recorded a .29 BAC, which is 3 times over the legal limit in Missouri.

Check out the vehicle, err, recliner, or whatever you want to call it below.

La-Z-Boy Car

La-Z-Boy Car