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Ferris Bueller Has Sold

Ferris Bueller Ferrari 250 GT

[ad#Google Adsense]Do you remember me mentioning the Ferrari 250 GT being auctioned off last month?  Most experts felt the movie car would bring in around $65,000, but boy were they wrong.  The Ferrari 250 GT ended up selling for $122,000!

The dollar amount it fetched is truly impressive, considering flights were limited due to the volcanic ash.  Therefore there were less bidders than was expected, yet enough were on tap to allow the 250 GT to soar to prices far above expectations.  The winning bidder was an American, although I wonder if it will be brought back to the US or he was living in Europe at the time.

Wherever home is, time to hurry back to the garage, prop up the rear tires, throw it in reverse, and rollll that odometer back.  Maybe next auction it would go for a higher price because of fewer miles and no one will notice a thing. 😉