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Suzuki Equator Viable Option

The reviews are in for Suzuki’s new small truck offering, the Suzuki Equator.  For all intents and purposes the Equator is a carbon copy of the Frontier, with a few small offerings that make it a Suzuki.  Furthermore the Suzuki Equator holds it’s own in terms of ruggedness and dependability with the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota, so why choose the Equator?

Options may be what sets the Equator apart from the rest of the small truck pack.  For example, most tests are performed on the top of the line Equator RMZ-4, which comes packing 261 horsepower paired with a 5 speed automatic.  Obviously this type of setup will over power the more common 4 cylinder Ranger or weak v6 Dakota.  Hell, this RMZ-4 option setup offers towing for up to 6,000 lbs.

Once you start removing all the bells and whistles and start looking at a more modestly equipped Equator then the playing field becomes more even.  Most industry experts like the Equator, but be careful with the options because the price tag can easily sore to over $30,000, which seems like a lot for this old soul for a small size pickup.

Suzuki Equator

Suzuki Equator

09 Suzuki Equator

Looking to topple the Ford Ranger off the leader spot for small size truck, the 09 Suzuki Equater rolls like a Frontier.  The 09 Equater is a small truck setting on a Nissan frame and suspension components.  Other than badging and a few small differences, if you’ve driven a Nissan Frontier, you’ve driven a Suzuki Equator.

Nothing really to get excited about here, other than for the Suzuki ATV fanboys that want to pull their gear coordinated haulers.  The idea is that the customer base that buys all of Suzuki’s motorcycles, ATV’s, etc will want to pull those toys with a Suzuki branded truck as well.  So enters the Suzuki Equator.

In an economy that is struggling to sell new full size pick up trucks for $10,000, the entry level package for the Equator has me confused.  Atlthough there is plenty of standard equipment to keep buyers happy, the $33,000+ basic 09 Equator is a little intimmidating.  I think I’ll pass and spend my money on their toys, rather than their pickups.