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Mercedes Ener-G-Force Crazy Prototype

Mercedes will be showing off their latest prototype at the Los Angeles auto show and it is truly a bulbous racket to see.  Imagine an xTerra that’s been injected with silicone and it was not done by a qualified doctor.  Mercedes seems to believe that this may actually become a production SUV and not just an attention starter at the show.

Unfortunately for show goers who are interested in the guts of the Ener-G-Force SUV, there are none.  There is no drive train, no engine, and no interior to gawk at, only a very eccentric shell.  The idea, according to Mercedes, is that if this prototype is ever put into production, lets say around 2025, then it will be powered by an engine that does not exist yet.  Ideally a hydrogen powered mill would force this SUV out of the city lights and into fly over country and to do this it would have to be energy sound.  They claim that the technology envisioned for such an SUV does not exist yet, but they are willing to try.

Realistically the Ener-G-Force will never be put into production, but Mercedes wants to hear what you think about the lines or lack thereof.  Will buyers be drawn to the curvy and accentuated fenders and handle less doors?  Or will they simply ignore what any of the consumers think and go the way of the Chevy Volt, where the actual production model doesn’t even resemble a distant cousin of the prototype brought to show?