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2011 Mustang GT Already On eBay

I can’t believe it, there is already a listing for a 2011 Mustang GT on eBay! For months now Mustang sellers have been clouding the search results by throwing the #11 in all their listings, even if it was a 2010, just to pick up extra visits. It’s misleading, not to mention annoying.

The first actual listing I’ve found on eBay is for a Red 2011 Mustang GT, with a Buy It Now Price of $33,355. It’s a 6-speed automatic with brown leather seats…which is ok I suppose.

[phpbay]2011 Ford Mustang 2dr Cpe GT, 1, “6010”, “”[/phpbay]

I’ve yet to see any of these beauties on local lots…although I haven’t done a lot of looking today.

Used Hybrid Cars

Let others take a bath in the depreciation of a new hybrid car, be the smarter sharper and purchase a used hybrid car.  Already there are a lot of hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius for sale on used car lots.  But the internet is the better way to shop and take advantage of areas with a larger supply of hybrid cars that create a buyers market.

Hybrid cars are all about looking green and what better way to save green than buying used hybrid cars.  As of this posting there are over 75 used Toyota Prius’s on eBay.  The prices of these used hybrids range in price from $4,000 to $16,000 but are generally in the neighborhood of $10,000.  This is a huge savings over the cost of buying a new Toyota Prius hybrid.

[phpbay]prius, 3, “6016”, “”[/phpbay]

If the Toyota Prius isn’t your bag then you can also find a used Nissan Altima Hybrid for sale.  As of this posting it looks like a used hybrid Altima can be purchased for around $15,000.

[phpbay]altima hybrid, 3, “6371”, “”[/phpbay]

What’s Cool On eBay Today?

RV-4 on eBay

RV-4 on eBay

An RV-4 home built aircraft is up for sale on eBay right now and gaining a ton of attention.  Not only has this home made aircraft brought almost 4,000 views but also currently stands at 31 bids and $14,766.  The real beauty about this RV-4 is that it’s not even complete yet!


Engine: Lycoming O-320-D2J, 160hp with 1921 hours TTSN (1982). It was removed from a previous aircraft in July 1998. Complete engine logs are provided.

Significant maintenance includes

  • Cylinders #1 and #3 were replaced with new ones at 1788 TTSN in 1993,
  • The carburetor was overhauled at 1833 TTSN in 1994.
  • It was last inspected at 1921 TTSN in Nov 1997.

Propeller: not included.

Instruments and Avionics: None

Miscellaneous: Located at Spirit of St. Louis airport (SUS) in Chesterfield, MO.

This makes me wonder, who purchases home built aircraft on eBay?  Are there not safety concerns, quality standards, or other tidbits of information one would concern themselves with when purchasing such a risky item?  If not, then I know what business it’s time for me to get into.

[phpbay]rv-4 home built, 3, “6038”, “”[/phpbay]

Gasser On eBay

Looking for another project, a quick search on eBay will result in a lot of possibilities, including those with Gasser and Rat Rod in the title.  These vehicles and parts were designed for one thing, to go fast, everything else is just not necessary and it shows in the cars and designs associated with any Gasser and Rat Rod listing.

With a quick search you can find Gasser parts like Gasser Corvette Engines, complete cars, starter kits, and some really rough looking go fast Gasser cars.  But what is the allure of purchasing a Gasser or Rat Rod?  Perhaps it’s their inexpensive nature, or the fact that the owners care less about how they look and more about how fast they can get from one end of the drag strip to the other.

Almost any Gasser or Rat Rod will have something in common and that’s fat rear tires and slightly lifted or raked.  Generally these cars are turned for quarter mile runs and wouldn’t last 15 minutes driving down the freeway.  But just because they are built for speed doesn’t mean some people go even further and decide to throw a little cash towards their looks as well.  You can tell from the red Gasser Corvette below that some car nuts just want it all.

Gasser’s on eBay
[phpbay]gasser, 5, “6001”, “”[/phpbay]

Used Motorcycles On eBay

If you are like me you are spending every waking moment outside enjoying the sun and great outdoors.  Unfortunately if you are also like me you can’t afford a brand new motorcycle to go out cruising on, therefore a used motorcycle is right up my ally.  Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on the changing prices of motorcycles on eBay and hoping for a good deal.

I’m kind of torn between buying a used crotch rocket or used harley style motorcycle.  It really kind of depends on the location of the used bike and what kind of deal I can get on it, really I could go either way.  But from my research I can tell that finding a used motorcycle on ebay is the best place to buy on the net.

[phpbay]used, 5, “6024”, “”[/phpbay]