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Electric Super Car By Mercedes, The E-Cell

Mercedes has broken the mythical ban on electric car efficiency and super car power. The luxury car maker has taken leaps in development of the first electric super car, capable of getting high miles per gallon and the ability to produce heart stopping power. No longer must consumers decide between expensive super car power and green efficient slowmobiles, Mercedes have combined the best of both worlds.

The E-Cell, although still in development, is already producing a steady 500+ horsepower and 650 lb ft of torque. Although all specs have yet to be released, these power ratings make the E-Cell a certified super car. Although the existence of electric motors could increase weight beyond normal super car lightness, Mercedes places the 0-60 mph range at just 4 seconds.

Like all super cars, the Mercedes E-Cell has been designed from the ground up to offer superb handling, break neck acceleration, and now offer it in a fuel efficient package.  According to Mercedes, the E-Cell body panels and bumpers have been designed to offer the highest degree of stability down force.  Furthermore, the drive train has been designed to offer optimal weight distribution to keep handling in peak order.

Will the E-Cell ever be released?  Yes!  According to Mercedes the super car E-Cell will go into production some time in 2013.  Already there is a prototype available and a select few have been able to get behind the wheel.  Will the price justify the means?  The E-Cell will likely start selling at just $307,000.  Just think of how much of your fuel budget you will save by spending the big bones on the first bonafide all electric super car.