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Pimp The Ford Flex

Tricking out the Ford Flex in Europe with expensive option packages has proved successful, so Ford is planning on bringing the Titanium package to the US. It’s considered a top of the line package, which will soon be available for purchase for the Flex cross over van looking ride and the small car Focus.

The cost of the Titanium package for the Ford Flex will be an additional $2,495. Doesn’t seem that expensive, when you consider the price of the Flex is already over $40,000. Furthermore, with the goodies included it seems well worth the price if you are looking for some luxury.

Options included in the Titanium package for the Ford Flex:

  • Choice of 4 different custom exterior colors.
  • two-tone roof
  • black chrome grille
  • black charcoal leather seats
  • metallic finish on the center console
  • perforated leather steering wheel

Ford expects to roll out the availability of the Titanium package some time later this year for the Flex.  The Ford Focus and possible other models will offer a similar package later on, depending on the Titanium’s popularity.  If nothing else, perhaps this optional package will place the Flex in a potential market for luxury cross over buyers, who would have normally ignored what Ford had to offer.

2010 Cadillac SRX PICS

I’m sorry, I just don’t agree with the greenies that the SUV will go the way of the DoDo Bird.  I think the SUV will be around, in some form, for a long time to come, because you can’t haul kids to soccer practice in a glorified golf cart.  Apparently Cadillac agrees and has applied great focus to their upcoming 2010 Cadillac SRX.

Cadillac has directly targeted the Lexus SUV market with this addition to their lineup.  Most professional reviews of this Luxury Crossover declare this a clear winner for those looking to purchase a luxury SUV.  And to up the ante, Cadillac has announced the 2010 SRX will come with an optional Turbo Charged V6.  That means market competitors will have to worry about a growling 300hp beast in the woods.

Toyota 09 Venza Price Announced

09 Venza

09 Venza

Toyota has announced final pricing on the upcoming release of their 09 Venza.  The 09 Venza crossover was supposed to make waves with advancements to make people want an ugly mini-van, but with todays announced pricing it looks like it will be a challenge.  As of this posting Toyota says the base model will have an MSRP of $25,975 and the all wheel drive v6 version will list at $29,250.

Huge price for not a lot of vehicle, especially for the base price as a front wheel drive 4 cylinder.  Below are a list of standard features for the 09 Venza.

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Rear spoiler
  • Cruise control
  • Integrated fog lamps
  • Privacy glass
  • HomeLink(R)
  • Six-disc CD changer with roof-mounted Dual-zone automatic climate
  • XM(R) satellite radio antennacontrol with air filter and
  • second row seat vents
  • A tilt/telescopic adjustable steeringSix-speed transmission with wheel with integrated audio controls sequential shift
  • Vanity mirrorRear windshield wiper
  • 20-inch wheels on V6; 19-inch wheels on Electrochromic rearview mirror
  • four-cylinder with compass
  • Power windows with auto up/down function Cargo area one-touch forward-fold
  • jam protection on all four doors seat levers
  • Tonneau cover
  • Seven airbags
  • Rear personal overhead lamps
  • Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)
  • Dual exhaust on V6
  • Front active headrests
  • 14-degree rear seat recline

GPiX Crossover Concept In Brazil

Chevy is developing a new cross over in their Brazil plant labeled the GPiX.  It’s claim to fame is reportedly dynamic and daring design, but it looks like all the others too me.  And although they may use the term ‘rugged’ in their description it just looks like another soccer mom jacked up mini-van.

The name itself, GPiX, means Global Image, and supposedly personifies it versatility and technology.  Again, I’m just not impressed, but perhaps those in Brazil will find something new and uniqe in the Chevy GPiX.  I’m thinking it won’t make it to the US or other major markets.  Chevrolet will have to at least tag a ‘hybrid’ sticker on the side of it to add any appeal.

Chevy GPiX

Chevy GPiX

Chevy GPiX

Chevy GPiX

Chevy GPiX

Chevy GPiX

2008 Chevy Uplander

It’s another crossover from the people at Chevrolet and they are deeming it ‘BOLD‘. I’m not so sure I would consider the styling cues of the new Chevy Uplander as ‘bold’. It looks like a beefy minivan to me, but I’m not into that style anyway. I’m sure it rides just like a sedan, as they claim, but at what cost?

Chevy Uplander

This is going to be a front-wheel drive vehicle with a mild 3.9l V6. Amazingly enough the engine is expected to pump out 245 horse power and be available in a FlexFuel model. So, for all you fans of yellow you can get one that accepts that E85 go juice.

Chevy Uplander Chevy Uplander Interior

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