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5.0 Mustangs Coming Back

The 5.0 was a tried and true engine for Ford and graced the Mustang’s engine bay all the way up until 1996. It wasn’t until 1996 that Ford release a 4.6 liter engine, to replace the bullet proof 5.0, albeit less efficient. Even though the 4.6 provided bigger horsepower and torque numbers, the 5.0 remains one of the easiest engines to modify.  Maybe that’s why Ford has decided to revive the legend and increase the performance that 5 liters of Ford engineering has to offer.

The Coyote engine marks the triumphant return of the 5 oh.  Available in the GT trim of the 2011 Mustang, the 5.0 liter V8 engine will produce a ground thumping 400 horsepower.  It’s worth noting that Ford is notorious for understating horsepower numbers, which can realistically place the new 5.0 Mustang at 425-450 galloping horses.  Maybe that’s why the 2011 Mustang GT was choosen to be the official pace car of the Daytona 500.

2011 Mustang GT CoyoteAlready the new Coyote named 5.0 engine is garnering attention from industry analysts.  The 2011 Mustang GT will undoubtedly dominate the new face of muscle cars everywhere, trumping even GM’s daring Camaro SS.

Not only has Ford gone bat shit crazy with horsepower packed 5.0 engines, it’s also produced the nimblest Mustang ever built.  According to Ford the handling will be unmatched amongst previous Mustangs and be paired with a blast to drive 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.  With these kind of figures and performance leaps it’s hard to imagine what the next Shelby, Roush, or Saleen will look like.  The anty has been upped and I’ve yet to year of anyone wanting to call out the new Coyote 2011 Mustang GT.

2011 Mustang GT