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New Glasses For 04 Mustang

The latest and earliest addition to the 04 Mustang GT Convertible Project Car is a new set of headlights. Tired and weather beaten, the fastest and easiest face lift was with new head lights. Price wise, it’s a great starting point to start customizing the Mustang. I chose Andy’s Auto Sports as my source for the new Mustang’s glasses.

Where to buy?

Andy’s Auto Sports has a phenomenal inventory and selection of automotive parts. Simply put, it’s staggering at all the vehicles they cover and are capable of providing components for. Thankfully, their website is easy to navigate and all the auto parts are organized under the year, model, and part category you are looking to purchase. My only complaint is that once I decided on headlights, I then had to choose from a number of manufacturers before seeing the product. I’m not familiar with some of the import part makers, so it would have been nice to see all the company’s products listed together at that point in a gallery format. However, available telephone support, fast and easy to navigate website, along with freight speeds make this a 5 Star buying experience.

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2011 Camaro Convertible

The first of the convertible Camaro’s are starting to roll into dealerships.  At least locally, I’m seeing them ushered in, shortly after having the white tape pulled off the fenders, and then watching them drive off.  Lots are already presold, so getting your hands on one may be tricky.

Price wise it looks like on average you’ll be paying about $7,000 more per car than the same coupe equivalent.  Often this can be attributed to extra parts in the frame strengthening department, different handling components, and consumer demand.  Damn you consumers for loving the sun, wind, and sporty rides.

Z4 Roadster Getting the Big 4 Cylinder

BMW has just announced that the latest and greatest car they will be launching on US soil will be come fed with a 4 cylinder motor.  The engine will of course be turbo charged, capable of a very respectable 240 horse power.  The motor will power the new Z4, which will be featured at the New York Auto Show.

Of note is that the 4 cylinder being introduced, sDrive28i, is the first inline 4 cylinder produced by BMW in 10 years.  Coupled with the 6-speed transmission and 260 lb ft of torque it should be chipper enough in the small roadster, but is that what buyers are wanting?  Is the industry striving for smaller displacement and more forced induction?

What would you rather drive, a potent 6 cylinder or a wound tight 4 banger?

Start The Year Right: Finally Buy A Convertible!

Have you always dreamed of owning a convertible, but didn’t think it was a practical choice? Whether your hesitations were related to price, safety or some other consideration, you’re in luck: The brand new 2011 models are hitting dealerships, and this could be your year to finally own the car of your dreams!

Convertibles boast one main advantage over traditional cars: They can be driven with the top down, creating a uniquely exciting driving experience for even the most seasoned motorist. Yet there are many reasons why a convertible could seem like an unattainable fantasy on four wheels: Their retractable tops can make them less safe in the event of a collision. Driving with the top down leads to decreased fuel efficiency. And, of course, the price of buying a convertible – especially a high-end luxury brand – can be exorbitant, to say the least.

Fortunately, the 2011 convertibles fix many of these shortcomings, making buying a convertible possible for a wider range of car fanatics than ever before. On one end of the price spectrum, the 2011 Bentley Continental Supersports convertible – which features an intimidating six-figure price tag – offers a faster driving experience, with speedier acceleration to boot. Bentley’s FlexFuel capabilities, which makes the convertible biofuel-compatible, helps make the four-seater a more environmentally friendly choice. Another high-end option, the 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, offers drivers (and passengers) increased comfort with its insulated top, draft reduction features and AIRSCARF system that circulates heated air out of the headrests.

Another great choice for convertible fans is the 2011 Nissan 370Z Roadster, a leaner, faster driving machine than in years past. And for those seeking a more budget-friendly option, try the 2011 MINI Convertible on for size. In addition to great handling and better safety, thanks to a nearly-concealed rollover protection bar, you can expect your MINI to cost you under $40,000.

Of course, buying new isn’t the only way you can make your convertible dreams come true in the new year. A replacement convertible top will offer you a way to revitalize a classic convertible without spending a fortune. In fact, a brand new auto top can help make an old car look like new again. Also, you won’t have to worry about what model you’re buying: Aftermarket auto top retailers sell for most major brand models, everything from Toyota to BMW convertible tops can be found. Whether you decide to purchase one of the fine convertibles new to the market for 2011 or you opt for jazzing up a classic instead, you can look forward to many days and nights of driving enjoyment in the months ahead.

Local Dealership Gets Special Edition Viper

Hard to believe, but the dealership that has sold more Dodge Vipers than anyone else in the country, rests in Blair, Nebraska a town of only 8,000.  Because of their ability to sell the Viper supercar, Dodge has built the Woodhouse Special Edition 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Convertible.  The name of the Dodge dealership is Woodhouse Dodge and the special edition Viper is built around the ACR platform, less the roof.

There will only be 20 of the Woodhouse special edition Vipers produced and this roadster is going to go quick.  Built for speed and then modified by Dodge to compete directly in the American Club Racing division, it’s street legal, but just barely.  The suspension has been super tuned to handle like any great super car and it has the brawn to rip up the pavement.

A new Viper convertible usually checks in at just under $100,000, but the Woodhouse SE will sell for around $107,000.  As you might expect from the Woodhouse Dodge dealership, 16 of the 20 have already been sold, each buyer looking to get a hold of super car history.  Dodge has discontinued production of the Dodge Viper, so these may very well be the last Vipers ever produced, unlike the 50 unveiled earlier in the year.