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front of Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista Concept Pics

Lamborghini has been and always will be at the forefront of design, that mimics the future.  Sharp lines, thruster mimic’d exhaust, and a car that borders unusable.  It’s for looks, it’s for boasting speed, and for showing off what could be done.  That’s why Lamborghini makes the best concept cars, the Egoista is no exception.

The Egoista is a single seater super car, with more than 600 horsepower and a cock pit that seems better fit inside a fighter jet.  It’s cliche, but the concept looks like it was built for a flying car, not a road warrior.  Even the rear of the vehicle mimics flaps and thrusters like what you would see on an aircraft.

But, I digress, it’s all for show, it is a concept and an outlandish Lamborghini.  This is why the spectacle garners so much attention from the automotive crowd.  And this is why, even the name, Egoista, means “selfish”.  Thank you Walter de Silva for creating such an amazing looking concept, perhaps the closest any of us will get to our very own rocket ship.

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Toyota Supra Concept White

2015 Toyota Supra

Will there be a new sports car from Toyota, with the Supra name?  We still don’t know, as of this post, any news is still just rumor.  The Toyota Supra holds a special place in my heart, so I can only hope it will be revitalized and more importantly, recognized.

What good is putting a label on a concept, if you can’t immediately recognize it?  It’s like when Ford redesigned the classic Pony Car, even without the badges you knew exactly what model car it was.  I hope the 2015 Supra has the same effect.  You’ll know from the lines, the stance, and front facia’s that it’s all new Supra, not just an all new something.

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Cadillac XTS To Replace DTS and STS

Cadillac has been showing off their latest concept design of the large luxury car the XTS model. According to Cadillac the XTS will replace their current DTS and STS models. The plan is to combine the sportiness of the STS with more room and luxury, a potent combination.

Like other manufacturers Cadillac is hoping to tap into the hybrid market, meaning the XTS will most likely release with a hybrid option. Current tests with the concept model include a hybrid motor paired with a V6, producing over 350 horsepower. The technology Cadillac is planning on using will use Lithium batteries, which will provide enough power for an all-electric mode, doubling fuel economy.

Cadillac XTS Concept Pics

Cadillac XTS

Nissan V2G Concept Pic

Nissan has been busy like all car manufacturers trying to predict what the next big niche market will be.  It’s obvious that Toyota had a grasp on what the kiddies would be scrambling to buy when the released the Scion line of vehicles.  They aren’t what I would consider a must have, but they do appeal to the latest generation entering the 16 years old age.  I prefer not to drive golf carts on the freeway.

The V2G concept is what Nissan thinks will be the future of the automotive market.  The v2G is a quirky looking 3-Wheeler that took home the 2009 Design Los Angeles Award.

The focus of the Nissan V2G appears to be with increasing a cars environmental awareness.  In concept only there have been measures taken with the V2G to allow for a reduction in waste.  Furthermore, Nissan speculates the V2G will dot the landscape of a future high tech highway system, where vehicles are purchased like cell phone plans.  This and we’ll have flying cars in the year 2000.

Nissan v2g

Honda CRZ Concept Car Pics

Honda was showing off their latest in go-kart technology at the Toyota Motor Show with the all new CRZ concept.  Of course it’s a hybrid and it’s biggest selling points are efficiency, but Honda is touting it as a hybrid sport vehicle.  Performance and enough efficiency to keep the hippies at bay?

As you can see from the CR-Z pictures below, it’s a concept car still and I’m sure the glass ceiling w0n’t make it to production.  Honda claims that the new CR-Z will be available in the US market by late 2010.  Will this be available to compete with Chevy’s Volt?