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How to Change the oil in your Camaro

Your car doesn’t just help you move from Point A to Point B. While it is a very useful resource to have, you need to remember that it is an investment and one of your most important assets. Thus, you should bear in mind that you need to maintain it properly. Having a good maintenance schedule for your car not only ensures that it works well for a longer period; you also save costs in the long run. One of the things that car owners often neglect is the oil of the car. Most might prefer to leave such things as changing car oil to the professionals.

However, changing your own oil does help you save on cash. The engine oil in your car ensures that your engine is always properly lubricated. This means that all individual parts in the engine can work properly together to ensure better performance of your Camaro. You need to change the oil every so often because after a while, the properties in the oil break down and are unable to function like normal. If you leave it unchanged for too long, your engine will lose its lubrication and the oil will even stick to the individual parts. This will greatly affect how your engine works.

If this situation goes on for too long, your engine will eventually stop working properly and then it would be difficult to repair. If you want to change the oil yourself it is a fairly straightforward task provided you follow the necessary process. First of all, you need to determine the type of oil that is suitable for your Camaro’s engine. Not every make and model uses the same oil so be mindful of this. Using the wrong oil will also cause damage to your engine in the long run. Additionally, find out how much oil needs to be changed at any one time. Most cars would only require 4 to 6 quarts of engine oil per change but a street rod with a large capacity oil pan could be 8 quarts or more. Once you have all this information down, you can start changing the oil in your car.

Performing an oil change to any classic during the restoration of camaros is almost the identical placement. The only variable is placement of the fuel filter. For a much easier way to funnel the oil into your car jack or ramp it up at the front so that your car is slightly tilted up. This allows the oil to flow down easily and avoids clots and spillage. Now you can start putting the oil into the engine. Do so slowly and avoid any spillage onto the other parts of your car’s engine. This is a huge no-no because you do not want the other parts of the engine to catch fire later. Remember that oil will smell and smoke when hot. Once you are sure that the proper amount of oil all has been put in you can slowly lower your car. Give the oil a few minutes to sink down to the bottom of the pan.

To determine the correct amount of oil has been put in, always keep a close eye on your dipstick. Just as the oil level is about to reach the ” full ” mark, stop pouring in the oil because that amount would have been sufficient for your engine.

You also need to remember not to overflow your engine with too much oil. This will cause the oil to restrict the movement of the crankshaft. You need to take note of this because if you do not follow the proper methods you are going to be spending thousands of dollars on engine repairs. It is always advisable to take your time and pour it in slowly especially if you have never changed your own engine oil before. The final part of the whole process is fairly easy. Give it a few moments to settle down and reach the bottom of the engine before you turn your car on. Leave the engine on for at least five minutes to ensure that your engine is nicely warmed up to allow the oil to move around. Before you are done for the day check for any oil leaks.

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