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Muvs Toyota Cars

Toyota cars are the premium vehicle manufacturer in the world. The company plays an important role in the development of the Indian automobile industry. There are many successful Toyota cars are available in the market which are running from the years to years. The some best performers from the house of Toyota cars are Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Etios, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Toyota Prius.

In the SUV segment the two Toyota cars are most popular in India are Toyota Innova and Toyota Fortuner. Toyota Innova is the most popular MUV in the Indian market; it is the high quality car which is rare to find in the market. Toyota Innova desires to blend the features like space and robustness allied with MUV’s along with comfort and handling which is usually seen in high segment cars. The car is available in both petrol as well as diesel engine.

The petrol version of Toyota Innova are loaded by the 2.0L, 1998cc, 1TR-FE, 4-Inline Cylinder petrol engine with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) generates peak power of 132PS at 5600rpm with peak torque of 181Nm at 4000rpm. On the other side, the diesel variants of the Toyota Innova are fitted with the 2.5L, 2494cc, 2KD-FTV, Diesel with Turbocharger, 4 Inline Cylinder and with Common-Rail Direct Injection fuel supply system.

The interiors and exteriors of the Toyota Innova are just amazing and superb in quality such as stylish side steps, Front Fog Lamps, electrically Controlled outside Rear View Mirror, and swanky alloy wheels. The Toyota Innova Price range comes under the bracket of Rs 8, 22,970 to Rs 12, 43,271. To offer more class and luxury to the consumers in MUV segment Toyota launches Toyota Fortuner in the market. It was only launched with the one diesel variant yet. The Toyota Fortuner is loaded with the 3.0L diesel engine and mated with the five speed manual transmission gearbox.

Toyota will soon launch the other variants of Toyota Fortuner such as, petrol variants, AT (Automatic Transmission) variants etc. Outer appearance matters a lot in the MUV segment; the Toyota Fortuner comes with the aggressive and dynamic look with strong bonnet line and come equipped with the large head lamps. Not only is the exteriors of the car are amazing but the interiors of the Toyota Fortuner also very pleasing. The Toyota Fortuner price in India will be around Rs 19, 94,780 – Rs 19, 94,780.

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Dodge Viper

Dodge Used Cars- The Viper

Dodge used cars like the Viper was introduced to the North American public back in 1989. The Chrysler Motor Corporation unveiled the pro-type at the Detroit Motor show with such huge success, that the company decide to go ahead with the brand. The first Dodge Viper came on the scene of American streets in 1991 and has been a fixture on the roads ever since. I decided to research Dodge Vipers that were from 1991 to the early 2000s. This actually is one of my most favourite sports cars because of the mean looking design and the power it posses.

Dodge Viper used cars:

If there is any weakness to the Viper it has to be its interior design, its very plain. The leather seats and steering wheel look great and when you sit in one, you know this car can move. My issues are with the engine instruments and the center console, it lacks in sports car design. Its not like a Corvette at night time, where you feel youre in a fighter jet all lit up. The Viper from these years comes standard with AM/FM stereo, Air/Heating, and CD player depending on year.

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prepare for winter

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

It’s that time of year again, when the snow starts falling and bloggers start making recommendations for winterizing vehicles.  Here at the Grayline, we are no different and we have our own ideas on what it means to be winter prepared.  So come on cold weather, this household has taken steps to ensure we can get around when mother nature does her worst.

Preparing your vehicle for winter means actually performing the maintenance you put off all summer.  Inspection and replacement will head up the effort, which includes fluid levels, tire wear, and making sure all lights are working.  It may sound simple, but low tire pressure and worn out wiper blades compound and multiply in the winter months.

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Winter Time Blues

[ad#Top of Post Left]I really hope everyone had a great holiday break, enjoyed eating too much, or whatever you tradition of choice requires of you.  Usually my holidays exist only to provide and receive gifts from others, followed by gorging at the kitchen table.  It’s an amazing time of the year, but when it’s over I’m left looking at all my cool stuff I get to use…when it warms up.  Which means lots of new garage and automobile toys, that will be put to better use when it breaks freezing again.

What else makes the winter time, right after the New Year, so dull for auto enthusiasts is that it’s hard to enjoy doing regular maintenance when you can’t feel your hands.  For example, my wife is due for an oil change, which is something I would normally do myself.  However, it’s just far too cold and too big a hassle for me to brave the elements, so I’ll be visiting the local speedy lube.

Because I’ll be going to the professionals I’ll also be able to skip out on some other winter time regular maintenance checkups.  For example, they will make sure the air pressure in my tires is set properly, plenty of tread to brave sudden snow storms, and top my fluid levels off.  Usually a full service oil change center will complete all of the above for a very reasonable price.  This low price becomes even more inviting when you realize all of this will be done while you are toasty in the waiting room.

So, once, maybe twice a year, I’ll leave the auto work to someone else.  Depending on how long of a winter we have headed our way, might have to stop in for another fast oil change.  Next post I’ll talk about must have items to keep in your vehicle for road trips or even grocery runs in the winter time.  Getting stuck on the side of the road in the middle of winter is no joke, so let’s plan like it.

Hybrid Cars and Global Warming

This is a guest opinion article on hybrid cars and global warming.

[ad#Google Adsense]Hybrid electric car uses two source of engine power which are ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and electric motor.  The most well received hybrid electric car is the gas electric hybrid cars. The hybrid electric car sold on the market can be either full hybrids or mild hybrids.

The emission of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels contributes significantly to the environmental issues. The United States Department of Energy study has shown that 26% of the pollution is attributed to the carbon dioxide emissions from the road vehicles. With a hybrid car, you can do your part in helping to reduce the environment pollution without having to relinquish the benefits of a traditional car.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports a global warming trend due to increasing number of pollutions since the late 19th century. Most of the global warming is caused by the greenhouse gases including the carbon dioxide gas which are emit from the vehicle. The global warming issue will become more serious if nothing is done to reduce the greenhouse gases. Global warming will produce a negative impact on all aspects including agriculture, forests, and health.

On average, a gasoline powered vehicle will burn 6 – 9 tons of carbon dioxide every year. If you buy a hybrid car, you can reduce this number because it relies on an electric battery to operate the engine.

Buying a hybrid car can save the oil resources on the earth. Most standard vehicles rely on the oil to power the engine. As the oil becomes scarcer, the automobile industry should use the hybrid technology as the new type of energy in the future production of their cars.

According to a research carried out by Hybridcars.com, if every hybrid driver drives 40 miles daily, they would be able to save up to 350,000 gallons of petrol fuel per day.

Hybrid Cars and Global WarmingDue to global warming, the arctic ice is becoming thinner. The ice shelves in the Antarctic is breaking faster due to the heat. The ocean levels increases and causes flooding in low land country. The flooding is estimated to affect 20 – 50 millions of people.  Global warming also causes the dangerous epidemic of contagious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and etc. The timing of the season has change drastically. For example, spring comes earlier and fall arrives later than the usual date. As a result, the agricultural output in poor countries has considerably reduced.  It is estimated that 80 – 90 million people will suffer from hunger in the 21st century due to global warming. The increase in temperature will cause certain animals to become extinct and cease to exist so that the ecosystem may be lost. The 2004 Pentagon report shows that global climate change increases the possibility of countries fighting for food and energy supplies.

If we heed these warning signs, we can help to reduce the severity of the environment problem significantly.  Moving the automobile industry toward hybrid technology could be one of the most comprehensive energy to reduce global warming effects.