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Launch of The 2013 BMW M6 Coupe

The M6 coupe launches for the 2013 model year, joining the convertible. After a two-year hiatus, the third generation of the M6 is back and making quite a powerful impression on the street. It boasts the most powerful engine ever outfitted in a BMW paired with a high-torque 7-speed M-Double Clutch. And just like its predecessor, its roof is molded from natural Carbon Fiber Composite for a more athletic stance.

The 2013 M6 has an athletic design, with powerfully taut surfaces, elegant lines, and precise contours. Its long hood and smooth bulging fender flares are impressive. Get in the cabin and you will find instrumentation that is clean and beautiful, with silver-rimmed analog gauges befitting of such a high-performance car. The Head-up Display is optional, and it’s so good that it should be a must with the fast M6 that needs your eyes on the road.


We were recently lucky enough to take a spin in the coupe. We visited BMW Towson, a car dealer serving Baltimore, and took the M6 to the streets of Maryland. The M6 Coupe uses an inline six engine, and we immediately noticed its smooth power and great acceleration. A number of pioneering technologies make this engine possible. An electronically controlled water pump helps increase power output. BMW’s patented Valvetronic system offers better fuel efficiency. And to save weight, BMW used a groundbreaking innovation that they were the first to use in a production car – an engine block made of a lightweight composite magnesium/aluminum.

M6 Coupe

The 2013 BMW M6 breaks new ground with acceleration from 0 to 60 in four seconds. The car can be programmed to more than 200 combinations of suspension, throttle, transmission, steering, and traction settings. In summary…the 2013 M6 delivers racecar performance on the track, or can be used as an everyday car.

Start The Year Right: Finally Buy A Convertible!

Have you always dreamed of owning a convertible, but didn’t think it was a practical choice? Whether your hesitations were related to price, safety or some other consideration, you’re in luck: The brand new 2011 models are hitting dealerships, and this could be your year to finally own the car of your dreams!

Convertibles boast one main advantage over traditional cars: They can be driven with the top down, creating a uniquely exciting driving experience for even the most seasoned motorist. Yet there are many reasons why a convertible could seem like an unattainable fantasy on four wheels: Their retractable tops can make them less safe in the event of a collision. Driving with the top down leads to decreased fuel efficiency. And, of course, the price of buying a convertible – especially a high-end luxury brand – can be exorbitant, to say the least.

Fortunately, the 2011 convertibles fix many of these shortcomings, making buying a convertible possible for a wider range of car fanatics than ever before. On one end of the price spectrum, the 2011 Bentley Continental Supersports convertible – which features an intimidating six-figure price tag – offers a faster driving experience, with speedier acceleration to boot. Bentley’s FlexFuel capabilities, which makes the convertible biofuel-compatible, helps make the four-seater a more environmentally friendly choice. Another high-end option, the 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, offers drivers (and passengers) increased comfort with its insulated top, draft reduction features and AIRSCARF system that circulates heated air out of the headrests.

Another great choice for convertible fans is the 2011 Nissan 370Z Roadster, a leaner, faster driving machine than in years past. And for those seeking a more budget-friendly option, try the 2011 MINI Convertible on for size. In addition to great handling and better safety, thanks to a nearly-concealed rollover protection bar, you can expect your MINI to cost you under $40,000.

Of course, buying new isn’t the only way you can make your convertible dreams come true in the new year. A replacement convertible top will offer you a way to revitalize a classic convertible without spending a fortune. In fact, a brand new auto top can help make an old car look like new again. Also, you won’t have to worry about what model you’re buying: Aftermarket auto top retailers sell for most major brand models, everything from Toyota to BMW convertible tops can be found. Whether you decide to purchase one of the fine convertibles new to the market for 2011 or you opt for jazzing up a classic instead, you can look forward to many days and nights of driving enjoyment in the months ahead.

The Best Accessories For Your Car

Becoming a car owner is one of the first major milestones of adulthood. The car in North America symbolizes independence and freedom, allowing the owner to whisk off to distant locations in comfort and style with enough room to bring along a friend or two. However, even the coolest car will have dozens of similar models on the road in your town — so how do you personalize it and make it your own? The answer lies in car accessories, and we’ll explore a few of the many types on the market that can personalize your ride.

Interior Car Accessories

The best accessories for your car interiors are those that you can’t do without. These include accessories that make it easier for you to listen to your favorite tunes, conduct business calls while on the road or help you navigate to new places.

In many states, it’s against the law to use your cell phone while driving. Since most phones today are Bluetooth-enabled, it’s often just a matter of getting a compatible Bluetooth headset and a mount for your phone. Others options patch into the car audio system and have a built in mic to pick up your voice while leaving your hands free. Having this system allows you to communicate while keeping your attention on the road — which is much better than having to pull over, risk getting into an accident or getting a ticket.

Hooking up your iPod or MP3 player into your car audio system allows you to have hours of music without needing to switch CDs around. Many newer vehicles feature ⅛ inputs that will mate up with any MP3 player on the market. Older vehicles will require an integration kit which may set you back $30 to $50, but is much cheaper than switching out the entire audio system.

Lastly, GPS systems are a great accessory for your car. You’ll never need to mess with maps or worry about getting lost again. However, if you want something a little more fun for your car’s interior you can customize anything you want, including your car mats, seat covers, steering wheel and even the pedals.

Exterior Car Accessories

When you really want your car to stand out, you customize the exterior. These changes are far more noticeable since only a relatively small amount of people will ever sit inside your car. While opting for a custom paint job is a sure way to dramatically alter the look of the car, it’s also one of the priciest ones. Some other options to consider include tinting your windows, adding a vanity plate or upgrading to chrome wheel rims. However, all the chrome in the world is almost invisible at night. You can address this with a neon under-car light kit that mounts onto the bottom of your car and lights up at night — definitely an eye-catcher!

These are just some of the best car accessories available today. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect accessories for your style and budget.

Buy A New Hybrid Car Guide

This is a guest guide on purchasing a new hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]The hybrid car, also known as hybrid electric vehicle is equipped with two types of engines including electric and combustion. The car will take turns to use the two engines unless the driver needs to drive in a faster speed than it can be handled by them. Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly because of the low emission and fuel efficiency.

Buying hybrid cars can help to stop the global climate change because it emit lesser pollution. With lesser emission, the air will become cleaner which promotes a healthy lung. Conventional internal combustion engine will emit hydrocarbons, nitrogen and carbon monoxide in the air which causes poisonous smog. Nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide are the main causes of climate change around the world. Hybrid cars also help you to save money on fuel at the petrol pumps. Because hybrid car produce lesser emissions, it will cost less to fill up the tank.

New Hybrid CarThere are three hybrid car varieties including full hybrids, mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Full hybrid uses 1 – 3 electric motors to power the vehicle with full electric charge. If run at electric power, full hybrids can operate at a low speed of 25 mph. When using the gas engine, the electric motor will contribute power when you attempt to accelerate the car. There is a wide range of full hybrids from sedans to SUVs. Example of full hybrid includes Toyota Prius. Mild hybrids are not as efficient as full hybrid. The difference between a full hybrid and a mild hybrid is that mild hybrid can only operate in electric mode. The electric motor in mild hybrid is small size.  Mild hybrid can automatically turn off the engine when it is not moving but it will not drive in electric power during a slow traffic. Mild hybrid is cheaper than full hybrids but they don’t deliver the as much fuel efficiency and emission reduction.

Before buying a hybrid car, you must decide the type of hybrid you want. There are three types of hybrid cars including Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles (SULEV), Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles (ULEV) and Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV). Partial Zero Emission Vehicle is the cleanest hybrid car model except for models that operate with battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell.

You must determine where you will be using the hybrid car. Hybrid cars are suitable to be used in the urban or suburban settings. If the cars run at low RPM, you will benefit from the fuel savings while driving in traffic jam because of the many stop and go traffic short trips.

The hybrid electric car is more expensive than the gas powered vehicle because of the limited production numbers. The high price tag is also due the higher mechanical complexity compare with the standard car.

After you have decides on a hybrid car, you must find out if your local car dealers have the model. You can visit the online car comparison sites to find out the cost of the car on available models. You must also find out where you can send the car for repair in case it breaks down.

To save on hybrid car, you can check with your local tax department to see if you are qualified for any tax deduction. Some cities offers free parking space for hybrid electric car as an effort to increase environment awareness. Hybrid electric car will automatically recharge the batteries as you drive and brake the car. Therefore, drivers will never have to plug the car into an electric outlet to recharge the power.

Tips On Buying A New Hybrid Car

This is a guest article submission on tips for buying a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Since hybrid car is in production, there is already a market for them. Most of the hybrid car are manufactured by Toyota. However, you can also find hybrid car from other manufacturers such as Honda and Ford. The price of a used hybrid car is often high because they are not yet widely distributed within a marketplace.

Hybrid CarThere are two choices for American hybrid including Saturn Vue Green Line and Ford. Saturn Vue Green is not a good car because the hybrid technology of the General Motor is lousier compare to other hybrid car manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford. The Aura Green Line has a conventional ICE. It is rated as the North American car of the year in 2007. The Aura was invented by the genera motor European opal group and has a modern look. The aura green line has the same appearance as the standard Aura car but it has a higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The Chrysler pacifica is equipped with a six cylinder automatic engine. The average fuel economy for the Chrysler pacifica is 15mpg. The normal fill up cost is higher than $60. The 2005 Ford Escape hybrid is equipped with a four cylinder automatic engine. The average fuel economy for the ford escape is 30+ mpg. The normal fill up cost is approzimately $30 per tank.

When buying a used hybrid car, you must check with the dealer about the battery replacement. Toyota are well known for its high quality engineering which allows the hybrid car to drive up to 200,000 miles. Despite that, you should check the cost of the battery replacement since the hybrid car will need replacement once it reach about 100,000 miles.

You must seek warranty coverage for the used hybrid car. The warranty should provide coverage for the battery pack replacement. If the used car dealer does not offer any warranty coverage, you can request them to reduce the price accordingly since you will need to replace a new battery pack.

You can perform price comparison of different hybrid car through online comparison sites such as Automotive.com. You can also refer to the local newspaper classified to research prices for used hybrid car. Buyers of new hybrid cars are required to pay an upfront premium price. Since you are buying a used car, you should not have to pay for that premium because of the leveled hybrid prices.

To increase the warranty protection, you can find out the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned hybrid car. Toyota has been manufacturing hybrid models since 2001, so you should be able to locate dealer owned hybrids nearby you through its website.

After you had chosen a hybrid car model, you can bargain with the dealer to lower the price. When bargaining with the dealer, you can use excuses such as recently lowered car price, battery pack problem to get a lower price. If the used hybrid car is too expensive, you can consider buying a new hybrid car. New hybrid car have higher efficiency, and longer warranty period. New hybrid car also comes with a better financing package and tax break.