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Ford GT

Ford Car Sold For $11 Million

Who knew that Ford made a car, ever, that would be worth $11 million?  On Friday, the 17th, at a Pebble Beach auction, a 1968 Ford GT40 sold for a whopping $11 million.  It’s not just the GT40’s rarity that makes this car special, it also comes with a pretty cool life story.

The GT40 sold was actually 1 of only 2 left in existence, but also shows off some Hollywood cred.  Accomplished race car and a film car driven by Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans.  Although heavily modified for filming, the GT40 has been restored and is ripe for collector picking.

The GT40 is born of competition and a need to surpass the leaders of the pack.  Did you know that Ford researched, designed, and built the GT40 with the express goal to beat Ferrari  on the world endurance racing circuit.  That’s it, purpose built to win, in spite of a failed business dealing between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari.

Sources: LA Times Article about the Pebble Beach Auction

GT40 Pictures


Saleen Ford GT Auction

On Saturday, a pre-production Ford GT was auctioned off that was owned by the sports car tuner Steve Saleen.  The Ford GT isn’t exactly a daily driver, nor will you see them every where you go, this super car is a limited edition.  Furthermore, there are a number of reasons this auction is unique and will be a one of a one of a kind.

1. It’s a Ford GT.

These super cars retailed for around $150,000 and because of their very limited production, usually sold for much higher than that.  They are a super charged 5.4 liter, light weight monster, built with the latest technology and a worthy super car name wearing Ford.

2. The Ford GT was owned by Steve Saleen.

You know, the guy who designed the S7 supercar, Saleen F-150’s, Mustangs, and pretty much any other Ford product he could get his hands on.  Usually known for their sharp graphic packages and a nack for handling better than cars twice the cost.  Steve Saleen is a legend and anything he has owned or placed his autograph on will be worth many times more than the items original value.

3. This Ford GT was A Prototype/Pre Production Model

That’s right, this car was given to Steve Saleen to drive before the GT’s were even being manufactured.  Consider it a preview of what was to come, only, one person got to watch the clip.  This makes the auction for this Ford GT even more rare and a sight to behold.

The 3 reasons above make this one of the most intriguing auctions ever and an awesome buy for any car enthusiast.  No doubt this Ford GT will be taken out of commission and find it’s way into a collectors museum or back in Ford’s museum garage.

2011 Mustangs On eBay

I reported a few days ago when the first 2011 Mustang hit eBay, well now they are all over the place.  The 2011 Mustang auctions getting the most attention are the Shelby GT500’s, where people are hoping to snag a good deal.  Or, perhaps they are just hard to find in parts of the country and people are looking for a quick 2011 Mustang fix.  Either way, there are currently over 2 pages of 2011 Mustangs on eBay.

Obviously many of the 2011 Mustang listings, which can be found on The-Grayline.com’s Mustangs For Sale page, are being sold by dealerships online.  I don’t think anyone has purchased a 2011, drove it, and decided they didn’t want it anymore. 😉

The highest priced 2011 Mustang on eBay right now is a Shelby GT500 Convertible complete with the SVT performance package.  It’s currently setting at $60,000 and has a buy it now of $63,205.

[phpbay]Mustang SHELBY SHELBY GT500 CONVERTIBLE SVT PERFORMANCE PACKAGE, 1, “6236”, “”[/phpbay]

Ferris Bueller Has Sold

Ferris Bueller Ferrari 250 GT

[ad#Google Adsense]Do you remember me mentioning the Ferrari 250 GT being auctioned off last month?  Most experts felt the movie car would bring in around $65,000, but boy were they wrong.  The Ferrari 250 GT ended up selling for $122,000!

The dollar amount it fetched is truly impressive, considering flights were limited due to the volcanic ash.  Therefore there were less bidders than was expected, yet enough were on tap to allow the 250 GT to soar to prices far above expectations.  The winning bidder was an American, although I wonder if it will be brought back to the US or he was living in Europe at the time.

Wherever home is, time to hurry back to the garage, prop up the rear tires, throw it in reverse, and rollll that odometer back.  Maybe next auction it would go for a higher price because of fewer miles and no one will notice a thing. 😉