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Aftermarket Brakes

Adding performance to your ride means a number of different things. While cold air intakes, suspension tuning and body kits can all offer benefits, you’ll still need to address the issue of braking. Your brake system is an integral part of vehicle performance. It is also a vital part of your safety. Adding too much power without modifying your braking system can have deadly consequences. In short, the faster and more powerful your car, the stronger and more powerful your braking system will need to be.

In addition, adding an aftermarket braking system can give you a sportier, more race-inspired look. What types of brakes can you find? What does replacing your brake system entail? If you have never modified your brakes or been involved in the customization industry, these are just a few of the questions that will need to be answered. Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the parts you will need.

New Rotors – You will need to purchase oversized rotors. The best choice is cross-drilled, or slotted, rotors. Cross-drilled rotors have a pattern of holes drilled through them. This allows hot gases and brake pad debris to vent during brake operation. With a solid rotor, gases and debris can build up under the pad, resulting in reduced grip. Oversized, cross-drilled rotors help you combat that.

New Pads – You’ll need to invest in a set of quality brake pads. Both carbon fiber and ceramic blends can offer you superior stopping power and are ideal for high performance applications. Both technologies are derived from the racing industry and have proven their worth on the track. Both types offer you superior braking, combined with enhanced longevity, resulting in a powerful braking solution that will stand the test of time and hard use.

Calipers – You will also need a new set of calipers (two, actually, if you are modifying the rear brakes also). Aftermarket calipers offer better clamping (when the clamp the pad to the rotor) and can be found in a number of different piston configurations. In addition, these calipers are often colored, which lends a custom, sporty look to your car.

Brake Lines – Braided steel brake lines give you better brake fluid pressure, but other solutions are available, as well. If steel brake lines are not to your liking, you can find high performance rubber lines, as well. However, steel lines offer more benefits.