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Sudden Acceleration Accident Video

We’ve all heard about the recalls, owners claiming their vehicles suddenly accelerated and ran out of control.  This tends to be the story and usually involves elderly individuals, so I remain skeptical.  However, here is a video showing a car accelerating out of control and into the back end of a minivan.  Obviously it’s difficult to get the entire story here, but you judge for yourself.

Toyota Acceleration Problems, Not Electronic

In a press release by Toyota, they claim that the majority of acceleration issues were due to driver error and not within the Toyota electronics.  Some 2,000 claims were investigated by Toyota, which only a small percentage were due to Toyotas electronic throttle system.  Instead, Toyota blames the issues on ‘pedal misapplication’.

To an extent I’ll agree with Toyota, hype can play into a lot of peoples thoughts and emotions.  In addition, studies have found that the elderly have more acceleration problems than younger drivers, which seems suspicious as well.  Remember the guy in San Diego that had Prius brake problems?

Even if human error is the explanation for some of the problems, even a small instance of throttle failure is reason for a recall.  Brake problems and acceleration problems, in my opinion, are the most dangerous aspects of any vehicle on the road.