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Ferrari 599 GTO

Is the world ready for another legendary Ferrari GTO?  Doesn’t matter, your dreams are about to be overwhelmed with the vision of a 700 horsepower Ferrari monster, which goes by the name 599 GtO.

The 599 GTO is supposed to be the first real predecessor to the Ferrari 288 GTO made over 25 years ago.  According to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa, the 599 can now get it’s proper extreme treatment like only Ferrari can deliver.  Originally the 599 was slated to be released as a GT car, but now expect nothing less than a road legal race car.

Power comes via an evo inspired 6 liter V12, capable of revving to 9000 rpm.  With a freshly tweaked transmission the Ferrari 599 GTO is expected to do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.  My face just melted typing that last bit.

Now, go hang your panties on the furnace vent and enjoy the pics below.