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1 Million 1-Series And Counting

BMW has reached a milestone with their 1-Series line of vehicles, selling more than 1 Million units.  The 1-Series BMW has been the smallest model offered by the manufacturer, but has proven it’s worth in sales for the short 5 years it’s been on the market.  Consider this, the 1 million mark has been surpassed in the 1-Series first generation!

Although there are a total of 4 different model variations to choose from, only 2 are available in the US, the coupe and convertible models.  Likewise with the engine configurations, although BMW offers a number of diesel type engines overseas, the US only has the option for a V6 gasoline variation.

In light of cresting this milestone BMW has announced to released a newly remodeled 1-Series sometime in 2011.  There are also rumors that BMW will offer a hydrogen powered 1-Series and a performance minded model.  At this point it seems that BMW can’t go wrong and I’m only seeing big things in the 1-Series future, especially if they start offering more model variations in the US.