Ferrari Featured Image

Ferrari’s Make The Best Wallpapers

Ferrari is known for it’s sharp lines, low slung personality, which makes their cars perfect for a desktop wallpaper.  I’ve scrounged around the internet looking for some of the best pictures of Ferrari’s, like the Berlinetta, F12, LaFerrari, and more to bring them here for your consumption.

To use, simply right-click, then save to your computer.  Then, right click the image and set as desktop background.  These images can also be used, if formatted properly, to fit smart phone screens or social media backgrounds.

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Woodhouse Special Edition Dodge Viper

Dodge Charger Accessories ?An Overview

Built on three different sizes and platforms, the charger name is borne by sedans, hatchbacks as well as luxury coupes. One of the main advantages of the Dodge charger is that it can be customized to individual tastes.

 The decision to customize can be carried out irrespective of whether the car is brand new or has been used for some time. The whole process of customization has become simple with the easy availability of Dodge charger parts and Dodge charger accessories.

To stand out in a crowd, people are now constantly customizing their cars so that they bear their distinct personality and style. They desire making a strong statement through their uniqueness. It is immaterial whether your SUV is large or small, a version that is distinct and stylish than the standard model can always be created.

The grill of a car being most noticeable and one, which can make a big impact, can be the starting point of personalization. In place of the standard grill that comes with the car, the same may be replaced with stainless steel grill, chrome billet mesh grill, vertical or mesh chrome grill to name a few. The availability of numerous varieties of grill may, at times, make the task of selecting the perfect one difficult.

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High Lift Pallet Truck

A high lift pallet truck is an industrial tool used to move freight, and lift it to heights than would otherwise be impossible with a traditional pallet truck. These pallet trucks may be operated entirely by hand, or could be operated by battery power. The cost of a high lift pallet truck is typically more than a model that keeps the freight close to the ground, but is useful when stacking heavy pallets on shelves.

There are two ways in which the high lift pallet truck can lift pallets off the ground. One is through an accordion method, where intersecting legs underneath the fork extensions slowly come together to lift the extensions up, similar to the concept used to raise an ironing board to a useful level. The other type uses a telescoping mast, very similar to some forklifts, to lift up the freight to much higher levels than the first method could achieve. Those using a telescoping mast are often called pallet stackers.

The height of the high lift pallet truck is largely determined by the type of pallet truck it is. Those using the accordion method can usually lift between 30 and 33 inches high (76 to 84 cm). Those using a telescoping lift method are only limited by the mast height and the amount of counterweight it has. These models can lift to heights of approximately 17 feet (5.2 meters) or more.

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Mustang dj club lighting color effect RGB high power LED Automatic sound or custom show DMX controlled

Mustang dj club lighting color effect RGB high power LED Automatic sound or custom show DMX controlled

Mustang dj club lighting color effect RGB high power LED Automatic sound or custom show DMX controlled

  • Easy plug and play with strobe or sound activated functions as well as DMX controllable for a professional light show.
  • Power efficient LED’s that run cool, safe, and all night long.
  • High end Super sharp LED’s for the most powerful possible beam
  • Very wide and long range- will light up the whole room.
  • Looks amazing in fog

The Mustang X-732 LED is built to last with long-life LED technology (rated at 100,000 hrs), and has no moving parts inside. The unit stays cool so you can run it all night long. Plus, there’s no cool down time at the end of a gig, so you can just pack it up and go!

Projects beautiful color changing patterns, with a strobe selection or sound activated function as well as being DMX controllable.

List Price: $ 255.00

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