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What’s The Difference Between Winter and All Season Tires

The winter season is upon us, which means cold temperatures, snow, and ice will cause adverse driving conditions.  Which tire you equip your vehicle with can have a positive or negative effect on your winter driving ability.  This article will talk about the differences between winter and summer tires, more typically called summer tires.

Let’s look at the most obvious difference, tread pattern.  The tread pattern on winter tires are designed to assist in slush, ice, and snow.  The ability to channel snow and slush will assist in keeping rubber contact with the road.  This contact will ultimately lead to a more stable control of your automobile, whether it’s a front wheel drive car, minivan or 4×4 SUV.

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Simple Steps To Prepare Your Auto For Winter

Leaves are changing, falling, and making for adverse conditions on the road.  Basically, this is your warning, this is natures way of saying, ‘Ready or not, here I come!’.  Winter will be arriving soon and in some places of the country may already be here, so lets talk about what you can do at home to prepare your auto for the winter months ahead.


It’s important to match a tire to the specs that the maker of your car requires.  Having a properly inflated tire, the right size, and with good grip can go a long way to keeping your car on the road during the winter.  Keeping a tire inflated properly during the winter can also be a full time job, consider this, each 10 degrees drop in temperature will cause a 1 psi drop in pressure.

Although a tire may be billed as all-season, this doesn’t make it the best tire for the winter.  These tires ultimately save the auto owner money, because there is no need to own multiple tires for the different seasons.  Just keep in mind when navigating the road ways, All Season tires are not the same as Snow Tires.

Windshield Wipers

Think windshield wipers come in handy during a rain?  A good pair of windshield wipers are a life saver during a wet snow or sleet.  Not only will it push the water off the windshield and increase visibility, but also keep water from freezing to different parts of the windshield.

I’ve found that spending a few extra dollars on a quality set of windshield wipers goes a long way.  A quality pair of blades will last longer and perform better at increased speeds, lower temperatures, and heavier rain conditions.

Prepare For Breakdowns

Kind of like a condom, better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  A kit that helps prepare you for breakdowns on the side of the road during the winter can save lives.  In low temperatures hypothermia is a real threat, so pack extra clothing and lots of blankets.  Also, remember to bring a long flash lights, battery operated radio, and snacks.

A breakdown kit has saved lives in zero degree weather and below.  Depending on the road being traveled autos may not be frequent, which can lead to being stranded, cold, and hungry.  Keep your head, stay in the car and enjoy the kit you prepared for such occasions.  Also, cell phone chargers and water are also a good idea.  Flares are even better, just think of what you would need to signal for help at night, in low visibility, and travel safe this winter.

Why Check Your Tire Pressure?

Why is it important to check your tire pressure?  It’s an easy task, that most of us never do as often as we should, if at all.  It’s recommended that you check the air pressure in your tires every time you get gas.  So why do so many not even own a tire gauge?

Years ago, think 70’s, 60’s, there were full service gas stations.  There were guys who would come out, fill up your car, wash the windows, check your fluids, and yes, even check the tire pressures.  Why would they check your tire pressure?  The check it, because it’s important and plays a roll in the performance of your vehicle.

Handling – Proper tire pressure will ensure that your automobile is handling the best that it can.  Low or over inflated tires will cause the car to handle irregularly and possibly cause accidents, longer stopping distance, and effect fast acceleration.

Fuel Efficiency – If tires have an improper pressure, then it can contribute to poor fuel efficiency.  Low pressure tires squat and cause too much drag, lowering your MPG.  When all 4 tires have the proper tire pressure, your vehicle will have lower rolling resistance and increase your MPG.

Safety From Blowouts – All tires have the proper tire pressure clearly printed on the side of the tire.  Usually the tire pressure is within a range of pressures, all being safe and optimal for the type of tire mounted.  It’s important to not stray for these recommendations, over inflation and even under inflation could possibly lead to a blow out.

So remember, go out and buy yourself a tire pressure gauge.  Most gas stations sell them and they can be purchased for under $1 and it’s obvious the benefits will out pace the cost.  Also, don’t forget, every time you fill up, check your tire pressure.

Limited Time Tire Coupons

Every once in awhile we will see some awesome coupons coming from tire manufacturers that make it a no-brainer to finally bite the bullet and replace those bald rubbers on all 4 corners.  Tire Rack is usually the number 1 place I purchase my tires online, their prices are fair, service is excellent, and shipping times are phenomenal.  Usually, tires can be shipped via UPS, so no need to have a business address or a place to unload a truck line.

Yesterday I received a notice from Tire Rack announcing 3 new promotions covering 3 different brands of tires.  I’ve got tire rebates for the following tire brands, Kumho, BF Goodrich, and Yokohama.  Please view the banners below to qualify for the rebates and save on tires.  Now is the time to find the deals before winter gets here and you are left spinning out.

BFGoodrich Get a $60 Mail-In Rebate

Buy a set of four and get $50 value back.

The rebates for each tire brand is just added bones to your wallet, considering they already have some of the best prices online for tires.  $60 tire coupon for BF Goodrich, $50 tire coupon for Kumho, and $40 tire coupon for Yokohama.

White Wall Tires

Are white wall tires making a come back this spring or are more people just fixing up old cars? Personally, I’m a fan of the fat white wall markings on old muscle cars, it just adds a nice antique look to an already beautiful car. But finding a set of white walls can be difficult to complete that winter project you have in your garage.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet I’ve found a few good sources for white wall tires and generally the best prices are on ebay. If you are scared about shipping, don’t be. Most tires, including white walls are capable of being UPS’d, so truck lines are not necessary.

Check out the white wall tires on ebay:
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