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prepare for winter

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

It’s that time of year again, when the snow starts falling and bloggers start making recommendations for winterizing vehicles.  Here at the Grayline, we are no different and we have our own ideas on what it means to be winter prepared.  So come on cold weather, this household has taken steps to ensure we can get around when mother nature does her worst.

Preparing your vehicle for winter means actually performing the maintenance you put off all summer.  Inspection and replacement will head up the effort, which includes fluid levels, tire wear, and making sure all lights are working.  It may sound simple, but low tire pressure and worn out wiper blades compound and multiply in the winter months.

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Chrysler Recall

Chrysler 300 SRT8

Seven awards on its shelf, a canon under the hood, technology like no other, the Chrysler 300 SRT8 which we saw at Madison’s top Kayser Chrysler Center dealer defies expectations and then some. It’s been a debate on if the engine is what makes the car, the features, or the exterior appeal.  It’s a hard question to answer, when everyone has their preferences, let’s leave it to you to decide after hearing about a few different areas that make up the Chrysler 300 SRT8. Starting with the powerful powertrain, the 300 features a rare 6.4L HEMI V8 that pushes an extreme 470hp and 470 pound-feet of torque. Partnering with this power is ride control provided by performance-tuned suspension as well as motor mounts and a powerful braking system. Just how powerful is the key: vented rotors with four-piston, silver-finished Brembo calipers. Brembo is to be said the “world leader” of automotive disc brake technology, commonly known to always have their brake systems in the finest of vehicles. Ready Alert Braking system is also important to point out, because emergency situations do rise, and the SRT8 rises to that occasion. While on the subject, let’s elaborate on the safety features assured to benefit the driver and passengers who purchase this vehicle with a starting price at $49,250. ParkSense and front and rear park assist sensors are new pairs of eyes that detect the presence of objects up to 3.9 feet in front of the vehicle, and 7.5 feet from the rear. Blind Spot Monitoring, head restraints that provide added protection in the event of a collision. With this feature and multistage front airbags, front-seat thorax side airbags, a driver-knee airbag, and side-curtain airbags, is safety really a concern when you’re surrounded by protection? The cushioning comfort that comes with these safety specifications isn’t limited; the interior gets 5 stars, heated and ventilated front seats, with heated rear seats. A look to match your comfort, through accent stitching and soft touch material with technology at arm’s reach—almost as if this vehicle is catering to you. The jeweled, C-Shaped LEDs claim the Chrysler brand with poetry. As Adaptive Forward Lighting computes speed and steering angle to calculate the best headlamp projection for the driver. Topping the cake with icing is the flawless upper and lower grille accents that are featured in black chrome. The front view of the vehicle is mesmerizing but wait until you see the 20-inch black vapor chrome wheels, that take home the gold with a finessing cherry to the build of this masterpiece.


How to Choose & Buy a Used Car


With the convenience of the Internet searching for a used car is quick and simple.   There are plenty of online sources that display the image of used cars with the specifications of car model, engine specifications and the price. This will help the buyer to check all the details and click to buy. Further there is also a convenience of virtual test drive that helps the buyer to watch and examine the performance of the car and draw the best satisfaction.


It is also true that the buyer should be familiar with the car model and usage of the car as each car model is differently designed and there are many different arrangements in each car. With or without much car experience, there is always a scope for buyer to choose a car model that is quite convenient to use and drive even those with little of car driving experience.


Especially will online support from car dealers you can learn about the car and there is also plenty of convenience to accept the price quoted for used cars. While there is lot of scope for price negotiation, you can always set your budget for either small cars or hybrid cars and then go for the car model.


Since there is exceedingly good demand for used cars, it becomes necessary for you to pick your car quickly before it gets sold off any minute.  Saving time and money are the two main benefits of buying a used car. Keeping in view such extensive benefits with another fact that you can also sell off your used car at any point of time and go for another model of used car or a brand new car, you must consider the opportunity of a used car and avail the benefit whenever you wish to.


When in doubt as to which car model would suit your requirement, car dealers do have facilities to offer you complete online support. They usually have excellent customer support to give all the necessary facts to you. They can explain to you which car model would suit you for your travel or for regular office-going job. For example of PA is able to provide you all the information you need about a certain model well before the purchase.


As reputable professionals, car dealers will definitely have lot of experience and technical knowledge about used cars who can provide you with the best advice that is most reliable and very useful to you.  So you can receive dual benefits of professional advice and also enjoy the best of a used car.



New Glasses For 04 Mustang

The latest and earliest addition to the 04 Mustang GT Convertible Project Car is a new set of headlights. Tired and weather beaten, the fastest and easiest face lift was with new head lights. Price wise, it’s a great starting point to start customizing the Mustang. I chose Andy’s Auto Sports as my source for the new Mustang’s glasses.

Where to buy?

Andy’s Auto Sports has a phenomenal inventory and selection of automotive parts. Simply put, it’s staggering at all the vehicles they cover and are capable of providing components for. Thankfully, their website is easy to navigate and all the auto parts are organized under the year, model, and part category you are looking to purchase. My only complaint is that once I decided on headlights, I then had to choose from a number of manufacturers before seeing the product. I’m not familiar with some of the import part makers, so it would have been nice to see all the company’s products listed together at that point in a gallery format. However, available telephone support, fast and easy to navigate website, along with freight speeds make this a 5 Star buying experience.

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The Pros and Cons of Switching To An SUV

If you’re currently driving a sedan or other regular car but find that you’re often running out of space, you may be attracted to the idea of purchasing a sports utility vehicle. Today’s SUV’s are outfitted with an array of luxury features, while providing roomy interiors and a sense of adventure all at the same time. However, switching over to an SUV may not be right for everyone. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at the potential pros and cons of driving an SUV to find out if it may be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Advantages of SUV Cars

Many of the positive sides of SUV’s are similar to those you would read about in a Ford Ranger review 2013 or other truck review. They are as spacious as these larger vehicles, allowing you to pack in your entire extended family as well as any gear you need to bring along. Today’s best SUV’s are able to provide loads of space without appearing bulky. They may be rugged enough to travel on mountain roads or even to go off-roading, depending on the model. With greater cargo space and handling capability in diverse environments, this makes them built for adventure and outdoor activities. Yet they are also ideal as family cars for the same reasons.

One common misconception is that all SUV’s have poor gas mileage and low fuel efficiency. This may be true for certain models, particularly older ones. Yet there have been great strides in efficiency in recent years, particularly among smaller crossover SUV’s or hybrid vehicles. This has helped give the best SUV’s the same level of efficiency as a regular size car. As with any automobile purchase, you’ll want to shop around to find the most efficient SUV.

The larger size of SUV’s allows them to generally perform better in safety tests than some smaller cars, although as with mileage this is a factor that will vary widely. Overall, the advantages that an SUV can provide are usually related to its size. When you switch over to an SUV, you can benefit from the comfort and added storage that a larger vehicle provides.

Potential Downsides to SUV’s

Drivers who live within a city may find that switching to an SUV requires some practice, because they can be harder to manoeuvre around tight city corners or fit down narrower streets. City parking can also be quite cumbersome with an SUV. Indeed, some practice in general is necessary when first switching over to an SUV, due to the difference in height and driving position. Although the best SUV cars can outperform regular size cars in safety testing, they can also be prone to rolling over at high speeds. Certain models can also be bumpy to ride in, and difficult for some passengers to climb into. It’s important to get behind the wheel and take it slow while you’re learning how to handle a larger vehicle. Finally, while fuel efficiency has improved in the past decade, SUV’s in general are still more expensive to fill with fuel than a smaller car would be.

These are just a few factors to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing an SUV. Families and those who lead an active outdoor lifestyle may find them to be the perfect fit, while those who rarely leave urban areas may find something lacking.