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Pictures and articles about upcoming prototype vehicles.

front of Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista Concept Pics

Lamborghini has been and always will be at the forefront of design, that mimics the future.  Sharp lines, thruster mimic’d exhaust, and a car that borders unusable.  It’s for looks, it’s for boasting speed, and for showing off what could be done.  That’s why Lamborghini makes the best concept cars, the Egoista is no exception.

The Egoista is a single seater super car, with more than 600 horsepower and a cock pit that seems better fit inside a fighter jet.  It’s cliche, but the concept looks like it was built for a flying car, not a road warrior.  Even the rear of the vehicle mimics flaps and thrusters like what you would see on an aircraft.

But, I digress, it’s all for show, it is a concept and an outlandish Lamborghini.  This is why the spectacle garners so much attention from the automotive crowd.  And this is why, even the name, Egoista, means “selfish”.  Thank you Walter de Silva for creating such an amazing looking concept, perhaps the closest any of us will get to our very own rocket ship.

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Atom V8 Pictures

Ariel Atom has released information on an all new Atom, powered by a small V8.  Perhaps you haven’t heard about the super light weight frame of a car, typically powered by motorcycle engines, and perhaps you’ve been living in a cave.  Atom stormed the scene a few years back with a debut of an affordable car that was capable of producing performance figures comparable to Lamborghini and Ferrari.  They have now taken the next step and built a car running on a throaty, yet tiny V8 engine and calling it the Ariel Atom 500.

[box type=”info”]The Atom 500 will be capable of 0-60 in under 3 seconds and 0-100 in under 7![/box]

The tiny one seater car will have a V8 capable of producing 500 horsepower.  This may not be an impressive figure, until you consider this will be the highest power-to-weight ratio car ever produced.  That can be interpreted as scary fast!

The V8 engine itself in the small Atom is a work of art, with displacement only at 2.4 liters.  The Atom’s V8 will be super charged and hit the 500 horsepower mark at around 10,000 RPMs.  Ariel reports that the combination will allow the Atom 500 to do 0-60 in less than  3 seconds and a startling 0-100 in under 7.  Again, these performance numbers are capable because of the massive hp to weight ratio.

Ariel announced the Atom 500 will only be built in limited quantities, so the thriving Atom community will be clamoring for a taste.  Although research and development of the Atom 500 began back in 2007, no official release date has been announced.

Spirra Super Car Pics

Korea has entered the super car market with the Spirra, built by Oullim Motors.  The Spirra marks the very first super car to be built in Korea and it’s worthy of the supercar name, having gone through countless spec revisions for the past few years.  Unlike other super cars being built, the Spirra will come in multiple engine flavors, starting with a paltry 175 horsepower V6.  So, even if you don’t have the money to buy the power, you might be able to afford the looks.

The entry level engine for the Spirra is a Hyundai built mid-engine V6.  As mentioned previously, this baby super car motor only puts out 175 horsepower and 181 lb ft of torque.  Hell, those numbers weren’t even impressive 10 years ago and now we have domestic built V6 engines pumping out over 300 horsepower.  So where is the real deal engine for the Spirra?

[ad#Google Adsense]Well, all in all the Spirra comes in 4 different flavors, each iteration builds on the same small engine, yet adds various sized turbos.  The Spirra EX is the top of the line ‘Extreme’ model, which adds twin turbos to the mix, pumping out a massive 500 horsepower and 400 lb ft of torque.  Still not impressed?  Consider the fact that the Spirra weighs in at just 2,646 lbs.  The horsepower to weight ratio puts the Spirra Ex competing with the likes of Lamborghini’s and Ferraris.

As for transforming the power into ‘go baby go’, all models are built with a 6 speed manual transmission.  Furthermore, all the horses (or lack there of depending on the model) are sent to the rear wheels.  As of now there are no plans to release an all wheel drive model.

So, does the greater super car market of the world have room for a Korean built man machine?  I suspect it will be met with much reluctance, but as a collectors piece will be gobbled up.  Only time will tell if the Korean built Spirra will share in the same dreams as Lamborghini.  Although, it is tempting to know that the stripped down, less than 200 horsepower version could possibly be purchased by every day joes.

YeZ Concept Car Pics

YeZ Leaf Concept Car

While other car makers are looking to bring emissions down or achieve a zero emissions level, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation has created a concept car that makes negative emissions.  That’s right, this YeZ concept car actually removes CO2 from the air and releases Oxygen, just like a tree.

[ad#Google Adsense]YeZ means ‘Leaf’ in Mandarin, which makes it quite obvious where this concept car got it’s name.  The YeZ picture shows off just how much of an influence leaves had on it’s external and even internal design.  It’ utilizes photosynthesis to run and then mimics the shape of a leaf with it’s roof and green hues.

The technology used in the YeZ is advanced and even still a working theory, which produces power through solar panels on the roof and special wind turbines in the wheels.  The actual body panels are what absorbs the carbon dioxide and through chemical reactions energy is produced and then stored in lithium ion batteries.

Actual production or even possibility of a working model is some 20 years away.  Please, all you dirty hippies, put away your pocket books.

YeZ Leaf Concept Car

Bamboo Concept Car

[ad#Google Adsense]The Bamboo Concept car pictured above was created by Yodogawa, a Japanese metalworking firm.  As unbelievable as it may seem, the manufacturer actually hopes to one day sell this car to sane buyers, looking to save the world with green materials.  The car, and I use that term loosely, was created almost entirely of traditional materials, mainly bamboo and paper.

The barely capable Meguru, which sets on 3 wheels and appears to be held together by hopes and dreams, utilizes a lithium ion battery for power.  It’s an all electric vehicle (EV), which has a maximum traveling distance of 25 miles before needing charged.  Furthermore, it has a top speed of only 25 miles per hour, which in my opinion would mean a death wish if traveling much faster.

I’m not sure which is more crazy, the fact that the Japanese hope to sell the Meguru or that they are expecting to get $10,000 for it.  You be the judge and view the picture of the Bamboo Concept Car Meguru.

Meguru Bamboo Concept Car