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Daimler and Nissan Smart Car Deal

Daimler has been in the business of trying to seduce big foreign companies into being a partner in the next Smart Car production model.  However, it looks as though previous efforts have fallen on deaf ears, since BMW, Peugeot, and Citroen have all turned Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche down on his pitch.  Maybe not first choice, but Nissan has agreed to work with Daimler to produce the 2014 Smart Car.

Nothing major is changing with the tiny Smart Car, which will retain it’s rear engine-rear wheel drive setup.  Also, being a Smart Car means that it’s cabin space is slightly larger than a coffin.  Hell, I’d be scared to drive this thing to fast on a golf course, let alone down the freeway.

Smart Car

Nissan V2G Concept Pic

Nissan has been busy like all car manufacturers trying to predict what the next big niche market will be.  It’s obvious that Toyota had a grasp on what the kiddies would be scrambling to buy when the released the Scion line of vehicles.  They aren’t what I would consider a must have, but they do appeal to the latest generation entering the 16 years old age.  I prefer not to drive golf carts on the freeway.

The V2G concept is what Nissan thinks will be the future of the automotive market.  The v2G is a quirky looking 3-Wheeler that took home the 2009 Design Los Angeles Award.

The focus of the Nissan V2G appears to be with increasing a cars environmental awareness.  In concept only there have been measures taken with the V2G to allow for a reduction in waste.  Furthermore, Nissan speculates the V2G will dot the landscape of a future high tech highway system, where vehicles are purchased like cell phone plans.  This and we’ll have flying cars in the year 2000.

Nissan v2g

Nissan Leaf Expects 20,000 Orders

Nissan has announced some pretty lofty goals, including being the largest manufacturer in the US for electric cars.  The model to make it happen is the 2010 Nissan Leaf, an electric car marvel.  Nissan expects to receive 20,000 orders of the battery powered Leaf by the time it hits the show rooms next year.  I don’t see how.

First of all, you are buying a very limited range vehicle, for around $30,000.  Personally, for that kind of money, I’d like to be able to drive wherever, whenever I want.  I don’t want to wait around for a charge or risk not being able to find a suitable charging station while I’m out and about.  But of course, I’m not the target audience, those living in the big cities that don’t have to worry about rural commutes.

Next, consider the Nissan dealership just might be pushing a $150 per month battery lease option.  Meaning, you buy the car, but lease the battery that powers the car.  This is done to help alleviate the concern of replacing a battery in the coming years, if there were a problem, or they don’t have the shelf life they are counting on.

Too many if’s and’s or’s and but’s for me.  However, I wish them all the luck and the more competition Toyota has, the better it is for the consumers.  Check out the Nissan Leaf pics below.

Nurburgring Special Edition Nissan 370Z

US residents need not apply, the 2009 Nissan 370Z Nurburgring Special Edition will only be available in Europe.  Special consideration is being given to this 370Z because of the cars contribution to the 24 hour race last month.  Although there are no major engine overhauls on this special edition, there are a few tweeks that make it a worthwhile purchase.

Most notable difference between the Nurburgring Special Edition 370Z and regular 370Z is the exhaust.  This special edition will get a higher performance exhaust system to accompany the unchanged 3.7 liter V6.  Also, there will be an upgraded set of rims and tires, with 19″ OZ racing rims.

The special edition 370Z will only be available in the color Yellow.  So, close your eyes and imagine the car picture below in bright racing Yellow with some fancy schmancy rims.  Basically, that’s all it takes to pump out a special edition nowadays.  This comes with a price tag of over $71,000 and a limit of only 80 will be made.  Time to go stand in line.

370z Nurburgring Race Car

370z Nurburgring Race Car

09 Nissan 370Z Officially Named

We’ve been speculating since May what the successor to the Nissan 350Z would offically be called and today we finally find out.  The 2009 Nissan 370Z is the offical name form Nissan and standard edition will be bearing the 3.7l V6 engine.  So no more speculation on names, it’s done, and those that wanted 350Z^2 lose the bet.

Nissan is still working on a convertible version, but expect the coupe to be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this year.  Check out the official Nissan pictures of the 09 370Z below.