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NISSAN At a Glance


The Japanese seem to have a remarkable reputation for building high quality products. They have an equally matched stature for being able to successfully market their goods around the world. One of their brands that fit into both of these categories is Nissan. They are the sixth largest carmaker on the planet.


Nissan began making automobiles in 1914 and their first vehicle was called DAT. The acronym was taken from the first letters of the three main investors’ last names. They built mostly trucks in the beginning and then manufactured passenger cars under the name Datsun. The company didn’t formally use Nissan until the 1930s, when the firm grew into a conglomerate of over seventy businesses.


Nissan Motors was officially founded in 1934 and they produced trucks, cars, airplanes and engines. After the Second World War, Nissan began to streamline its manufacturing plant operations in order to manufacture cars more efficiently. They succeeded in this and besides selling thousands of autos in Japan itself, they branched out into the worldwide market.


Success in the world market was achieved early on when Nissan premiered the Datsun 510 and the Datsun 240 Z a little later. These cars were incredibly popular in the United States and elsewhere. By 1970, Nissan was one of the largest automobile exporters in the world. One of the top sold brands in North America at dealerships like Team Nissan of NH.


The 1973 oil crisis forced consumers around the globe to consider smaller, more economically viable cars to purchase. To keep up with the demand for their cars, Nissan built factories in Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, South Africa and Mexico. Soon, Nissan opened up new plants in the United States and became one of the most productive auto companies in history. After that, Nissan opened a plant in China and began producing even more cars.


Nissan works at improving itself every year. When it brought out the full sized pickup truck, the Nissan Titan, it was acknowledged by as the best full-size truck of the year.


Nissan, in its quest for improvement and a larger share of the world market, has partnered up with several well-known automakers. They allied themselves with the French company Renault and then with Daimler-Benz, the German carmaker. The three companies share technology and research information, which allows all of their cars to be the best they can be.


Nissan has developed its own hybrid technology for its cars and some of its cars get up to ninety-nine miles to the gallon of gas.

2012 Nissan GT-R

I wouldn’t necesarily call 485 horsepower super car material, but the upcoming revamp of the GT-R or American bred Skyline is sure to please.  Consider it tweaked to higher standards and a stand out amongst import super car fans, who long for the Skyline available in Japan.  With more horsepower, better aerodynamics, and some extra functional tweaks to appearance.

First of all, what makes the 2012 Nissan GT-R so amazing as a sports car is it’s ability to perform like a race car.  At high speeds the GT-R puts the body lines to work, with functional aerodynamics.  This allows the GT-R to handle better, accelerate faster, and exit the lines on curves like a pro.

Hyper Blue is the color of choice for demo models of the 2012 GT-R being shown off to European countries.  Starting early next year, 2011, we can hopefully see some of these beauties on American show room floors.  In addition, don’t expect a big price jump because of all these improvements, Nissan is shooting for a low $80,000 price tag like the 2011 GT-R models.

2012 Nissan GT-R Pics:

2010 NISMO 370Z

The 2010 Nissan 370Z, tuned by NISMO, was built with muscle and fueled by adrenaline.  A bit over the top, but as you can imagine, this car hauls and shows just how far NISMO can take Nissan sports cars.  Thanks to their after market parts and accessories, NISMO pushed the 2010 370Z to just over 350 horsepower and over 260 lb ft of torque.

Highlights of the NISMO package on the 2010 Z:

  • NISMO Dual Exhuast
  • Sport Brakes
  • Tuned NISMO Suspension
  • NISMO Strut Tower Brace
  • NISMO Body Design
  • 19″ Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Special NISMO Interior Trim

The NISMO 370Z is the highest end 370Z you can purchase, above the standard and 370Z Touring edition.  Other than performance, it’s easy to see the difference between the 370Z models.  The NISMO edition just looks racy, with wide body, big spoiler, and aggressive stance.  It takes the already sporty 370Z and adds a whole new level, the likes of which look right at home on any race track.

Fans of Nissan aren’t the only ones impressed with the 2010 370Z.  Thanks to rigorous research and development, the 2010 370Z has won some of the highest automotive awards available.  For 2010 the 370Z received Best Resale Value by Kelly Blue Book, Best Buy Award by Consumers Digest, and Best of What’s New by Popular Science.

Download a 2010 370Z brochure from by clicking on the image below:

NISMO Z Brochure

NISMO Z Brochure

2011 Nissan GT-R

There is an absolutely beautiful 2011 Nissan GT-R that has been parked at the edge of the Nissan dealership down the road from me.  It’s nose poked out in front of  the other models, tempting me like some cheap hooker hanging on the out the door of a motel room.  Problem is, that’s no cheap hooker, it’s a premium model 2011 GT-R, which has a sticker price of $84,000.  I see why it’s been there for awhile.

[ad#Google Adsense]Is it a Skyline?  It’s the ultimate in performance from Nissan, which could be compared to it’s Skyline models over seas.  Not that the US has been cheated or anything, the 2011 GT-R is a monster in every since of the word and in street trim it looks ready to carve the corners of the Nurburgring.

The standard GT-R comes equipped with a heart stopping 3.8 liter twin-turbo charged V6, producing 485 horsepower.  Enough to keep the GT-R floating over the asphalt after being ripped to the back of your seat from the very capable 24-Valve engine and 434 lb ft of torque.  All that power is transferred through a double-clutch 6 speed transmission, complete with 3 different drive modes.  The three different transmission modes tune the transmission and engine to work best in the distinct driving conditions, normal, snow, and maximum performance R mode.

Everything on the 2011 GT-R has been engineered to be performance minded, including the use of light weight materials all the way around.  For instance, the wheels are made of a super-lightweight forged-alloy, designed to cut down on drag and grip the tires under heavy acceleration.  The hood, deck lid, and other body panels are also machined from light weight, yet rigid aluminum.  Furthermore, the GT-R has HID head lights, LED tail lights and the front lip spoiler and rear spoiler have been designed to be functionally aerodynamic.

Inside the 2011 GT-R it’s a lotta go, but plenty of luxury as well.  For instance, the GT-R comes equipped with push button start, but also features a blue-tooth enabled phone system.  The seats have been made of leather with suede inserts, complete with bum heaters and french stitched dashboard and door panels.  It really is top of the line in terms of performance, function, and luxury, making it well worth the high class floosy price tag.  It just wants you inside of it.

Is The Cost of EVs Too High?

Nissan Leaf

The automotive industry has had it’s fair share of shakeups in the past few years.  Recalls, major advancements in efficiency requirements, performance upgrades, and now the next logical step will be towards an all electric vehicle (EV).  There are plenty of experts and industry analysts that will give you their opinion of what to expect in regards to cost-benefit analysis, but what about the common person looking to purchase a new EV?

Cost Of Components

One of the first electric vehicles to hit the US will be the Nissan Leaf.  The all electric car utilizes a lithium-ion battery, which happens to be the most expensive part in the car.  For early adopters, the cost of purchasing a Nissan Leaf will be an estimated $33,000, most of the cost directly related to the cost of the battery.

Expensive batteries applies to all production and future electric vehicles.  Keep in mind we are talking about all electric, not a hybrid where the traditional motor can kick in and still provide power.  Therefore, replacement costs will become a concern in a few years when the batteries are no longer holding a charge.  Will it be cheaper to replace the car than to just replace the battery?

Lease The Battery As Only Option

To combat the fears of replacement Nissan is planning on offering a lease option for the battery.  So, on top of the initial cost, buyers will be pressured into spending up to $150 on a lease of the vehicles power source.  It’s less like a lease and more like a never ending insurance policy, which would help offset the costs of replacement if the battery fails.

From this type of planning it’s obvious that shelf life of the lithium-ion battery is a concern.  What about other components, what kind of wear does an all electric vehicle have on other aspects of the vehicle.  Furthermore, when replacement becomes the only option, what kind of environmental impact will that have?  All around the cost is too high and each question answered leads to more questions.

Planning Ahead

Nissan estimates that all electric vehicles will be 10% of all car purchases by 2020.  To prepare for such an influx in demand, Nissan has started equipping factories to be able to produce 500,000 EVs per year by 2012.  Putting all our eggs in one basket?

In my very humble and admittedly cheap opinion, we should be focused on driving down the cost of battery before assuming the consumer will pay for such a venture.  In the world economy today, I can’t imagine the common buyer to consider a $33,000 luxury-lacking EV.  Furthermore, even taking into consideration the amount of money saved by not needing to stop at the gas station, how long would it take to pay off such an investment?  Who wants two extra car payments a month, one for the car loan itself and another for the lease on the battery?