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Going Green with a Full Sized SUV

Those that look into various cars know that there are limited options when it comes to ecofriendly hybrid cars. New to 2013 is GMC’s turn to make a hybrid cross over in the Yukon Hybrid. Though it seems to be a little more difficult to find a bigger hybrid, GMC manages in their new line.


Starting at $54,145, the Yukon Hybrid comes standard with a 6.0L Vortec VVT V8 SFI engine with active fuel management, great for journeys that need the power provided. Took get a realistic mileage numbers, which we assume are important to potential buyers, we called up our GM experts at the Williamson GMC dealership. According to them the Yukon Hybrid will give you around 20 city and 23 highway miles per gallon. This is not a huge improvement from the gas version, but it is an improvement, and for some that is enough. The Yukon also comes with a 300-volt Hybrid battery pack and 2-mode Hybrid transmission, making it easier and more efficient to enjoy the eco-friendly ride of a life time.

Other mechanical and interior features for the Yukon include regenerative braking system, smooth ride suspension, a 9 speaker Bose sound system with CD and MP3 player, navigation radio with hard drive, Sirius XM radio and NavTraffic, Bluetooth for hands free phone use, OnStar turn-by-turn navigation, and rear seat DVD entertainment system. Not only is the Yukon a new take on the Hybrid, but it maintains a high standard in technological advancement and owner compatibility.

The interior and exterior structures of the car are just as impressive as the technological enhancements, having refined aerodynamic design, 18 inch hybrid exclusive polished aluminum wheels, assist steps, and heated, power-adjustable power-folding mirrors. The interior has heated front seats, tri-zone automatic climate control, rear vision camera, auto-dimming rearview mirror, cruise control, remote vehicle start, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and power sun roof. GMC has made it easier for drivers and their passengers to enjoy an accident free drive with premium entertainment value.

Finally, there is nothing more important to a driver than a cars safety features. The Yukon is a tough vehicle with dual stage frontal airbags, head curtain side-impact air bags, seat-mounted side impact airbags, StabiliTrak stability control system, tire pressure monitoring system, and 6 months of OnStar with Automatic crash response.

Some of the most important things to drivers are a cars safety, reliability, and optimal performance. GMC now leads the new league of Hybrid vehicles with its 2013 Yukon, an amazingly efficient crossover to cover any ground.

The GMC Denali Sierra Truck to be Release in 2014



The 2014 Denali Sierra is sure to combine the typical features of a Denali with several improvised options. The price has not yet been released but the 2013 pricing starts from $47,425. The GMC executives have been quoted saying the Sierra and Silverado High Country from Denali will vie for the attention of buyers from different groups and the Silverado will be a little lesser priced than the Denali Sierra. Rumours have been doing rounds that the new Denali Sierra might be released at the end of this year, and will be seen at local lots like Pitre GMC car dealer.

The GMC Denali Sierra will consist of the usual 5.3 litre V8 but can also be upgraded to a larger 6.2 litre on request from buyers. The makers have estimated this engine to produce a torque of up to 420 hp and 450 lb-ft. This makes it the maximum powerful among the class of half-ton trucks if the numbers stay true after verification by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The changes made to the exterior features of the Denali Sierra are predictable but proposed to be highly popular among the buyers. The chrome grille, the twenty inches chrome wheels, front and rear bumpers retaining the body colour of the truck, exhaust tips which have a stainless steel polish, running lights with LEDs and the unique ID badges with brightwork on the tailgate and front gate  are some of the unique Denali features to be found.

The interior of the 2014 Denali Sierra comes with upholstery made of leather, an aluminium trim, bucket power front seats which can be heated or cooled, Color Track navigation radio with an eight inches screen and Intellink, five USB ports, Bluetooth, climate control with a dual zone option, intense steering wheel, parking assistance on the front and rear side and sliding window with a defogging option. The 2014 Sierra will also consist of a driver display with eight inch screen and is customizable. It can function as a speedometer and a tachometer and show little pieces of information related to your vehicle and audio and navigation data which you choose to view.

The 2014 Denali Sierra retains the professional level engineering of the 2013 version from the control of the engine to the response systems. The Grade Braking senses allow automatic slowing of your vehicle and a Grade braking shift lets you maintain a desired speed.  The Brake assist intelligently assists you in stopping if there is an emergency. Its automatic features allow you to apply full braking force while you are still pressing the pedal to the maximum. The Driver Shift technology lets you shift between the gears like a manual transfer with automatic facility.

GMC has been manufacturing trucks since 1902 and is considered to be one of the most reliable brands. GMC has blended engineering fineness with innovation in style to deliver trucks with high fuel efficiency. The 2014 Sierra brings to you the most powerful range of half trucks and heavy duty pickups.

General Motors First Diesel

oldsmobile diesel


Sometimes automotive companies make mistakes and the story of General Motor’s diesel V8 highlights one of the worst. The time was the mid-1970s and meeting the new American emissions regulations was causing many issues for car manufacturers. The solution, at least to some executives at General Motors, was to rush a diesel engine to the marketplace. On paper this worked because diesels were not subject to the same emissions requirements as gasoline engines. Besides Peugeot and Mercedes had both been successfully selling diesels in the U.S. Though the new diesel engines were destined for all GM’s car divisions, the design responsibility fell to GM’s Oldsmobile group. Working at a frantic pace, the first Oldsmobile diesels hit the lots in 1978. Unfortunately, there were problems.

To begin with Oldsmobile powertrain engineers based the design on the division’s famous 350-cubic-inch V8. It is an urban legend that GM engineers simply slapped new diesel heads on the existing 350 block and did little else. This was not the case. The existing block design was reinforced substantially and was built of a sturdier cast-iron alloy. The trouble came from the heads and the diesel fuel system. In particular, the head bolts.

Diesel engines operate using a compression-ignition scheme. The ideal gas laws tell us that as the volume of a gas is compressed, its temperature goes up, and, in the case of a diesel engine, it’s compressed until the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber explodes. Designing for this leads to much higher compression ratios than are present in a gasoline engine. The result? Diesel engines have many more and stronger head bolts to compensate for the diesel’s higher cylinder pressure. The director of service at Caitlin Dodge of Philadelphia is familiar with the GM Diesel story and explained that the Oldsmobile diesel, however, maintained the same 10-bolt pattern and head bolts as gasoline engines, so that common production tooling could be used for both the gasoline and diesel engines. This was a faulty idea. There were other issues with the engine too: the fuel-pump timing chain stretched and several other problems occurred in addition. And, even in good running order the engines were just plain loud, and belched quite a bit of smoke all to provide acceleration that can best be described as “modest”.

Despite such problems out of the gate, production of the Oldsmobile diesel lasted from 1978 and 1985. However, the damage had been done early. General Motors ill-fated diesel caused a class-action lawsuit that saw owners reimbursed for the cost of a replacement engine upon failure. In fact, the engines were so bad, they spurred legislators in several states to draft early lemon laws. Unfortunately, in the long run, Oldsmobile diesels ruined the American consumer’s appetite for diesels for almost 3 decades. Only now are diesels beginning to reenter the U.S. car market in small numbers—and most of those are from European manufacturers. 

IPO For General Motors, You Buying?

GM just filed papers today to begin it’s IPO or intial public offering, which would allow the Federal Government to sell down it’s ownership of the company.  As of this post GM has not announced how many shares would be offered, nor the asking price.  Industry experts liken the IPO to VISA’s in 2008, which netted the company around $19 billion.  But will consumers or investors bite the bait?

Consumers are still a bit shy when it comes to buying GM products, at least people I speak with.  Everyone understands, yet not everyone likes the idea of bailing out GM employees or the company itself.  After all, who is going to come bail out my job if it were to fall on hard times? No one.  My question is, have people forgot about this?

No doubt there will be a number of investors looking to jump on the opportunity to own one of the largest car makers in the world.  Yet, if GM gets too greedy with the asking price or number of shares being offered, it may just back fire.  Analysts close to GM feel that hope that the IPO will generate somewhere between $10 to $15 billion.  Next, the companies history will be taken into consideration, which would typically make any investor balk.

Consider this, GM has lost $88 billion in the 4 years leading up to their bankruptcy!

The $10 billion generated from the IPO will just be a drop in the bucket and hemorrhaging money like that will just make it a poor buy.  Obviously GM has been making some large steps in cutting costs, eliminating factories and jobs, but I still just don’t feel they have their feet firmly planted.  Perhaps another year from now would be a better time for the IPO?  Meanwhile, how’s that Ford stock doing?

Chevy Name Going Away?

Chevy AKA ChevroletRecently it was released that Chevrolet sent out a memo requesting all employees to start referring to the brand as Chevrolet and to never refer to the brand as Chevy again.  Siting consistency and wanting to create a more proper brand name and image, the nick name Chevy is to not be used.

It’s a backwards move, especially considering the name Chevy has been used by customers and even Chevrolet themselves since World War II.  The marketing team felt that it was important to establish a consistent name with a proper name like Chevrolet, giving examples like Apple and Coke.  However, they left out some important information, like how Coke is short for Coca-Cola and Apple products are typically referred to as their model name, ex. iPad, iPhone.

It was noted by the New York Times that the Chevy name is still in use on the companies website.  A bit abrupt of a change, if you don’t even start from the top and work your way down!?  Perhaps if the name Chevy was becoming to generic, when referring to automobiles.  Much like Kleenex refers to any tissue paper, but there is still recognition to Chevrolet brand when someone hears the word Chevy.

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