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Half the Price of a BMW: The Chrysler 300 SRT8 Performs

Every sensible mind of this globe dreams to own a car, which will fascinate and enthral everyone by its virtue of the perfect blending of style and luxury along with performance factors. Unfortunately, most of us do not have such a heavy wallet to be the proud owner of such a four-wheeled masterpiece. The automobile manufacturers realizing the dream and aspiration of the mass, coming up with number of economical options which resemble and sometimes almost equal or even better than their expensive counterpart car models, coming from the German automobile giants like Mercedes or BMW.

The old and reputed automobile manufacturer is proud to produce its upgraded 300 version, Chrysler 300SRT8, which is successful in drawing major portion of the attraction of the experts from the automobile world and definitely the common people for its stylish look and loaded features. This model is the perfect blending example of very short union between Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz.  As per the experts of the automobile sector they find this current version of the Chrysler 300 genetically resemble Mercedes E-Class and this German breeding along with features sealing the American street style requirements makes this model a total hit on the showrooms and on the road.

The special edition SRT8 are manufactured in less numbers, as it is in the test phase. It is able to earn appreciation from every corner due to its engine prowess. The highly skilled engineers of SRT division known across the world for their productions like Viper sports car, modified version of the Dodge Charger and Challenger again showed their expertise in doing the possibly best tuning of standard Chrysler 300 engine converting it into a beast with a capacity of almost six and half liters, four hundred and seventy horsepower and four hundred and seventy pound-feet of torque and which is coupled to a five speed gear. Read more techs and specs of the 300 at research center.

The center of the dash of Chrysler 300 SRT8 features an almost eight and half inch infotainment screen, this computer animates the run time features of the car, such as acceleration and brake, and provide all the requisite assistance of handling in complex situations, as sometimes encountered in timed parking. Apart from these, it also reveals horsepower and torque output. The top speed of the car is hundred and seventy five miles per hour which could be reached with ease and no technical hazard due to a strong G – factor of this model. The price of SRT8 being less than half of the German super sedans but will ensure you ninety percent satisfaction like its expensive German counterparts. The experts in the field predict that this special edition, Chrysler 300 SRT8 in the matter of performance is better than the overhyped BMW M5.

Spring Maintenance

Ahh, the birds are starting to chirp and the air has finally decided not to bite.  For automotive enthusiasts, this means the start of spring maintenance on our vehicles.  Gone is the concern of salt and road chemical eating away at our paint, replaced by the fear of dirt, rocks, and the occasional kid chasing a ball across the street.  It’s time to consider what your car needs now that spring is approaching.

I always start by giving my vehicles a nice bath and not just one of these quickies at the car wash either.  It’s time to pull out the garden hoses, fill up a soapy bucket, and apply the elbow grease to the corners that are missed by drive through.  Try to take a little extra care and use bug remover to get the deceased off the front bumper.  Also, after a thorough cleaning it might be warm enough to actually touch up those nicks you received in the mall parking lot during the holiday rushes.  Don’t forget the clear coat.

What about those windshield wipers that took a beating from the ice?  It’s a good idea to replace those with some fresh wiper blades in preparation for the spring rain.  I prefer to spend a little extra money and buy Bosch Wiper Blades, in my experience they seem to last the longest.  New blades and a fresh coat of Rainx makes for a safer spring.

Rain X


Warmer temperatures means a fluctuation in tire pressure.  It’s a good idea to get your tires looked over for wear and adjust pressure as necessary.  This will become even more important as spring leaves and summer approaches and temperatures have a habit of scorching.  Also, if you live in an area that requires snow tires, don’t forget to switch back over to your summer driving tires now.

California DusterA good interior purging is also recommended, from being closed up all winter my vehicle has developed a unique aroma.  Too many fast food bags in the back seat have created their own ecosystem, generally a scrubbing is long overdue.  Take special attention to apply the proper cleaner to your seats, dash, and carpet if applicable.  Again, attention to detail will last much longer than a quick California Duster once over.  Any significant others forced to ride along with you will appreciate a subtle air freshener as well.

Lastly, if you had been putting up any upgrades now might be the time to cash in.  Often companies will run specials in the spring time to entice buyers to pull the trigger on a modification decision.  It seems that I always end up putting window tint on either my vehicle or someone else’s in the spring.  This time of year is the start to a hopefully long and beautiful warm weather stretch.

America Needs A Cheap Car

Domestic car manufacturers were handed a big helping hand a few weeks ago, when Toyota announced the recall of 2.3million vehicles.  Toyota has already been fighting back the consumer backlash, spending a fortune on recall fixes, advertising, and supporting their local dealers to gain back trust.  So, as expected, domestic manufacturers have seen a slight up tic in sales, but will it last?

I suspect the disdain for Toyota won’t last and with the money Honda spent on Super Bowl ads we should expect them to gain a larger portion of market share.  Now I have to ask myself, what does America need, to compete in this economy and against steep competition from imports?  I believe the answer lies in a budget friendly car and by that, I mean cheap.

Cheap means different things to different people.  To some, cheap means value, how much they get for the money they spend.  However,  in this situation, when I say cheap, I mean a brand new car, decent equipped for less than $10,000.  We don’t need a Toyota Scion knock off and we don’t need another throw away car, what we need is a cheap car that is easy to work on, a vehicle built by Americans for Americans.

Originally when Toyota announced the release of a Scion branded small car, I believe it was intended to fill this niche market.  Perhaps the niche proved too profitable and the demand for their go-kart style cars became too much, so like any good Capitalist they raised their prices.  Now it’s not unusual to see Scions go for $17,000+, still a good deal in comparison to $25,000 cars, but not cheap enough.

Americans need a reliable vehicle they can purchase for under $10k, which is roomy enough to appeal to families.  This car needs to be serviceable, meaning drop all the bells and whistles, roll back the technology to a decade ago…or even further.  I understand the need for smog equipment, but lets leave off the equipment that takes millions of dollars worth or research and development.  Give me an engine bay that has enough room to turn a wrench and less electronics and I’ll show you a happy consumer willing to get dirty, rather than go deeper in debt.

A car serves a purpose, get from point A to point B.  The problem comes when manufacturers decide that it’s not profitable enough to fill that need, so they create a need in the mind of the consumer.  I need power windows, I need advanced engine computer controls, I need power seats.  These things are not needs, but they are all too soon becoming standard equipment, driving that inexpensive car price tag, to that of a luxury car just a few short years ago.  We need a company that can get this ideal across and sell it well.

The company, ideally a spin off from one of the Big 3, should embrace the culture of do-it-yourselfers and those wanting to live a lifestyle away from status symbols.  This company should spend marketing dollars on showing the value of having a reliable mid-size car capable of fulfilling a need and show what the money wasted on other products can now pay for.  A better life, away from debt, away from worry if it breaks down, and away from the stigma of a throwaway car.

This new market niche can be created, it can be exploited, and can be profitable based on volume.  We can have nice cars built for less than $10k, but as Americans we have to be taught that the most important aspect of a car is its ability to reach point B.  This new market won’t care about $1 million prototypes or how shiny the concept model looked at the Detroit Auto Show.  This new market will fall in love with a car they can repair in their drive way and be proud to take the kids to school in.

It’s a bold and brave endeavor, if only somebody would step up to the task.

Dodge Color Coordination

If the Super Bowl ads weren’t enough to convince you that real men want Dodge vehicles, then perhaps their latest color option will have you questioning your manhood.  Dodge has released the most vibrant pink color I’ve ever seen and it’s called Furious Fuchsia.  Yes, that’s how it’s spelled, but I always type fuschia instead, so whatever makes you happy.

Furious Fuchsia

It’s basically one step away from being an Avon Hemi or an Avon R/T.  But Dodge is convinced that it’s the next step in gaining market share, so they’ve released these pink neon muscle cars as a special edition.  Consider that about 85% of the people that buy Challengers are Male…would even women want this color on their ride?

At any rate, whether you like it or love it, the special edition Furious Fuchsia Challenger SRT 8 will be limited to 400.  Complete with white interior, don’t expect to swap the tires and then climb in without leaving a mess all over everything.  And just after I spent all day tidying up.

5.0 Mustangs Coming Back

The 5.0 was a tried and true engine for Ford and graced the Mustang’s engine bay all the way up until 1996. It wasn’t until 1996 that Ford release a 4.6 liter engine, to replace the bullet proof 5.0, albeit less efficient. Even though the 4.6 provided bigger horsepower and torque numbers, the 5.0 remains one of the easiest engines to modify.  Maybe that’s why Ford has decided to revive the legend and increase the performance that 5 liters of Ford engineering has to offer.

The Coyote engine marks the triumphant return of the 5 oh.  Available in the GT trim of the 2011 Mustang, the 5.0 liter V8 engine will produce a ground thumping 400 horsepower.  It’s worth noting that Ford is notorious for understating horsepower numbers, which can realistically place the new 5.0 Mustang at 425-450 galloping horses.  Maybe that’s why the 2011 Mustang GT was choosen to be the official pace car of the Daytona 500.

2011 Mustang GT CoyoteAlready the new Coyote named 5.0 engine is garnering attention from industry analysts.  The 2011 Mustang GT will undoubtedly dominate the new face of muscle cars everywhere, trumping even GM’s daring Camaro SS.

Not only has Ford gone bat shit crazy with horsepower packed 5.0 engines, it’s also produced the nimblest Mustang ever built.  According to Ford the handling will be unmatched amongst previous Mustangs and be paired with a blast to drive 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.  With these kind of figures and performance leaps it’s hard to imagine what the next Shelby, Roush, or Saleen will look like.  The anty has been upped and I’ve yet to year of anyone wanting to call out the new Coyote 2011 Mustang GT.

2011 Mustang GT