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2011 BMW 5 Series By Hamann

Thinking about purchasing a modified BMW, consider the 5-Series complete with exterior and interior tuning by Hamann.  Hamann is a BMW tuner that specializes in performance and appearance tuning of all BMW cars.  For example, this BMW 5 Series has been worked over with special Hamann side skirts, spoiler, center valance, and even a roof spoiler.

Inside the 2011 Hamann BMW 5 Series is lots of carbon fiber trim, custom floor mats, aluminum pedals, and more Hamann badges than you can shake a stick at.  Granted, its all tastefully done, but the carbon fiber has been overused, every insert converted, and the dash is a maze of fiber.

Other than the additional goodies a la body kits, Hamann also lowered the car by up to 1.5″.  The effect is really amazing, giving the ass end a bow legged look and the side a low profile.  With the extra large rims and high performance tires, the exterior look is complete.  Hamann does an awesome job with the BMW, making it unique, and worthy of the price.

iPad Built For The Automotive Enthusiast

iPad Automotive AppsMany iPhone users will tell you that the iPhone was a huge development for automotive enthusiasts.  Applications from remote starting, unlocking, and apps that allowed users to find the best hot spots made for an enthralling tool.  It delivered confidence in traveling, knowing where you were going, and most importantly what to do when you get there.  Now, that same technology is being applied to the iPad and is being focused on automotive applications.

Hyundai was maybe the first to adopt the iPad as a tool for drivers and auto enthusiasts.  Earlier this year Hyundai announced that every new Equus would come with a free iPad, preloaded with the cars manual.  Now that the iPad has had some time to grow within the market and reach increased adoption, companies like BMW are leading the way with automotive apps for the iPad.

‘Das’, is the first BMW iPad App, that allows users to view some of their product line in 3D.  With touch technology provided by the Apple iPad users are then able to twist the images of BMW’s cars, peak into their technological advancements and learn all about their vehicles.  But BMW isn’t looking at just the typical consumer use for the iPad, they also plan to outfit some of their salesman with the new cool tech tool.

The iPad for the BMW sales people would come loaded with software that would allow them to access BMW’s personal software.  This tool would allow a salesperson to pull up information on a specific model, provide images, and even run credit applications while out on the car lot.

Although Hyundai and BMW are the largest car manufacturers to adopt the iPad as a tool, Coda Automotive isn’t far behind.  Supposedly Coda will be releasing an all electric car later this year, that will come equipped with an iPod, again preloaded with the cars manual.  Relatively inexpensive compared to the overall price of the car, the iPad will potentially create a new incentive for buyers and techno automotive geeks.

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B3 S BI Turbo BMW By Alpina

[ad#Google Adsense]Alpina has been making exclusive vehicles built around high-end luxury and astounding performance since 1983.  For the past 40 years they’ve been building their cars on the BMW platform, then tweaking to their own specs.  Often times this tweaking involves adding a potent turbo and other performance minded parts, not to mention increasing luxury to a level rivaling any Rolls Royce.  Well, they have done it again with the latest release of the B3 S Bi Turbo.

The B3 S BI Turbo has been built around the BMW 3 Series, marrying Bi-Turbo technology with the light weight and relatively small 3 Series chassis.  Originally released in 2008, the newly released 2010 version sports more torque, more performance, and less of the stuff car makers have come to hate, CO2 emissions.  It’s an update in outright performance and efficiency to achieve the green status so many elites crave in society today.

With the latest installment of the B3 S Bi-Turbo capable of pumping out 400 horsepower and 397 ft lbs of torque, it gives the driver reason to rev the engine to a smooth 7,000 RPM.  It’s high revving capable, but not necessary, because at 1,300 RPM there is already almost 300 horsepower already on tap.

What’s most impressive with the 2010 B3 S is it’s ability to out perform previous versions, yet still maintain 29.4 miles per gallon efficiency.  Furthermore the B3 Turbo has lowered their CO2 emissions, although it’d take a liberal scientist to figure out by how much.  According to the latest EU test of the B3, it’s total CO2 emissions check in at 224-225 g/km (I haven’t the slightest idea what this means).

Lastly, the B3 S Bi Turbo comes in 4 distinct model variations, including Saloon, Touring, Coupe, and Convertible.  The Saloon and Touring trims are option upgrade options that are applied to either a Coupe of Convertible model.  All are luxury personified, with exterior featuring functional performance modifications.  Even the front chin spoiler is functional, if one should choose to push all 400 horses through the switch-tronic rear-wheel or all-wheel drive transmission.

Inside the already luxurious BMW 3 Series has been upgraded, featuring custom seat and panel trim.  Plenty of custom embroidery and emblems adorn the panels and seats, making it obvious at first glance that this is no ordinary BMW.  The leather feels rich and the gas pedal feels powerful and it’s been specially built in small numbers for those who are both.

1 Million 1-Series And Counting

BMW has reached a milestone with their 1-Series line of vehicles, selling more than 1 Million units.  The 1-Series BMW has been the smallest model offered by the manufacturer, but has proven it’s worth in sales for the short 5 years it’s been on the market.  Consider this, the 1 million mark has been surpassed in the 1-Series first generation!

Although there are a total of 4 different model variations to choose from, only 2 are available in the US, the coupe and convertible models.  Likewise with the engine configurations, although BMW offers a number of diesel type engines overseas, the US only has the option for a V6 gasoline variation.

In light of cresting this milestone BMW has announced to released a newly remodeled 1-Series sometime in 2011.  There are also rumors that BMW will offer a hydrogen powered 1-Series and a performance minded model.  At this point it seems that BMW can’t go wrong and I’m only seeing big things in the 1-Series future, especially if they start offering more model variations in the US.


BMW has released some information on the elusive M3 saw running around the Nurburgring a few weeks ago. The factory built race car is truly an inspiration for corner carving light weight goodness. But perhaps BMW has gone too far? nah!

Not only is this new M3 lighter, thanks to an ample amount of metal for carbon fiber swapping, it’s also more powerful.  Think about an ultra light car packed with a 4.4 liter v8, producing over 400 horsepower.  This deadly combination of power to weight ratio, 19 inch rims, and adjustable suspension makes for an improved lap time BMW can be proud of.

Much like privately built race cars, this BMW factory flyer also includes many other upgrades over the typical dealer M3.  Not including high priced rubbers, over sized disc brakes, and stripped down amenities.  All of this can be yours, special ordered from BMW, for $172,500.  I just don’t think this includes destination charges and any other kind of nickel and diming.