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Red Alfa Romeo Hood

Alfa Romeo Finally Coming to The US

There have been a lot of issues and delays with bringing Alfa Romeo to the United States.  Thankfully, we are now only months away from seeing the first 4C Alfa Romeo cars hitting the streets of the USA.  According to Alfa Romeo, the first 100 4C’s will ship to the US by late June or July of 2014.

It’s been close to 20 years since Alfa Romeo has been able to sell cars in the US.  Even this close to finally having an official product available, details are still being kept secret.  For example, where will you be able to buy the Alfa Romeo 4C?  There are 2 different dealerships that are being considered, Fiat and Maserati.

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Alfa Romeo Coming To US

Alfa Romeo, with it’s partnership with Chrysler, has announced their plans to bring their entire lineup to the US by 2012.  Not just a few select models, but every car they make, with plans to sell 85,000 cars by 2014.  A very steep expectation, considering Alfa Romeo only sold 103,000 cars world wide.

One of the first vehicles available will be a hatchback made by Alfa Romeo, known as the Mito.  Like other Alfa Romeo vehicles, this SUVish looking car looks like it’s been carved out of a single piece of clay.  Low slung, meaty, and mid performance numbers, although only 1 trim level will be available in the US, at least at first.

What car Alfa Romeo hopes will spawn big sales numbers is their all new sedan, the Giulia.  It’s Italian styling, but it reminds me of a BMW, granted the higher end models.  Also known as the 159, Alfa Romeo hopes this car to be it’s first high volume mover.  Time will tell if the US will latch onto the Alfa Romeo brand or if it will be lost in a sea of luxury sedan sameness.