How to Make Sure Your Pet is Safe in Your Car

More than 30 percent of pet owners prefer to take their furry companions with them when they drive around town, or head out for a road trip. You might even see a few dogs here and there in the warmer months with their heads hanging out the backseat windows. Just like a child that is dependent of you, it is your responsibility to make sure that pet is safe.


Here are a few ways to keep your pet safe while in the vehicle:

  1. Do not engage with your pet while driving. This includes most of all, not petting your dog while you are driving. This could lead to your pet becoming over stimulated and excited, which could lead to your pet jumping on you, but even more so it takes your eyes off the road. The most important thing when driving no matter the circumstance, is to make sure you keep your eyes on the road ahead, and are alert.
  2. As cute as it is for your pet to hang their head out the window, and for those to say how cute it is when their ears flop in the wind. The scary truth is there are a number of serious pet injuries that occur when pets are allowed to hang their head out the down window. First off if you are driving over 40 miles per hour, your dog shouldn’t have their head out the window, as it could damage their ears. Second, all it takes is a small pebble or something else to skip up and cause serious harm to your pet. So to avoid a serious vet bill, or even worse—we recommend keeping your pets head in the vehicle.
  3. Never leave your pet in the car alone. This is the same serious condition that we are facing now with parents leaving their children unattended in the vehicle for too long. Even on a sunny fall day, the temperatures within your vehicle can hit triple digits, and cause serious harm or worse to your pet.

Those are just a few of the tips for you and your pet when you plan to take them with you on your text car ride. A car ride can be something any pet looks forward to still, but you also need to be aware of the worst possible outcome, and how to avoid it.

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