Off Roading 101 For the New Off Roader


Even those who like to think of themselves as seasoned off road veterans will run into a situation where either their Jeep will stall, or they roll it over, or even find themselves stuck in the mud. But for those of you who are completely new to this expensive and thrilling hobby, we wanted to present you with what we feel are just a few of the basic things to remember when hitting the trail.

Tip Number One.

First and most important tip is to use your head. Don’t take on a terrain that you are uncomfortable with trying to tackle. Don’t push your vehicle to its limits, and most of all don’t assume you can make the climb, or the dash across the mud. Take a minute, step out of your vehicle even, talk to others and convey the possibilities, and express what you think is the best approach. Use your brain before taking drastic measures.

Tip Number Two.

Use your gears. Each terrain and each slope will be different, and based on that certain moment you need to know which gear is best to help you get over that bump or to help you get through that puddle. If you aren’t comfortable with shifting on the fly, then you may want to rethink off roading.

Tip Number Three.

Know what you might or might not face ahead. Do some research, talk to others who have ridden the trail in times past, and figure out what the situation is before you even take off. But also keep your eyes well ahead of what is just directly in front of you. If you are rock climbing the major thing you might face is that if you don’t survey the terrain, you might find yourself reaching that hill top only to realize the other side of the hill is even steeper and more dangerous.

These are just a few of the tips we could provide you on how to properly off road, and should be applied not just by newbie off-roading riders—but even the most veteran riders.

Source: Arrigo Fort Pierce

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