How to Maintain That ‘Fresh’ Car Smell


As soon as you buy a new vehicle there are a couple of things that happen. One being the value of that vehicle depreciates, but we all knew that. But the one thing that many of us might not notice, is that new car smell slowly starts to disappear. There is no avoiding it, that brand new car smell will not last, but what you can do is keep your vehicle smelling fresh.

How you ask? Well car fresheners are the obvious way of keeping your car smelling fresh, and we wanted to let you know about a few great options when you are looking to buy a car freshener that will last.

Let us start with the most popular, and what many of us think about when we first imagine a car freshener. The Little Tree Air Freshener by Car Freshener Corp. It has been the global leader in this field, and rightfully so. It includes extracted aromatic oils from Canadian pine forests. It is a great choice if you use it in moderation—and no it doesn’t make for a good last minute cologne guys.

Next there is Febreeze, which has become possibly most well known fragrance, odor remover product in North America. Their Freshener Refills do an incredible job of not just eliminating odors, but adding a subtle fragrance to your vehicle. There are a number of varieties that you can choose from, and its mostly a personal preference in terms of which scent you choose.

Lastly, we have the ‘premium’ choice, which is the Chemical Guys Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator. This is probably the most expensive of the three options, but what this freshener does a great job at, is eliminating odors—but best of all it has been known to return some of that nostalgic scent of that new car smell.

These are just a few options to choose from, and no matter which one you choose, just make sure you use it in moderation, or else you will find yourself always driving alone.

Source: Arrigo Palm Beach

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