A Handful of Child Car Safety Tips


With the events that have happened and have been told across major media outlets over the past year about child neglect and death in cars, either being left in the heat, or for vehicle accidents that are unavoidable at times. The fact of the matter is that too many parent’s aren’t aware of how they can make their vehicle more safe and secure for everyone in their vehicle—children included.

Here is a handful of helpful tips for parents who have children, and wish to keep them as safe as they can:

  1. Never leave a child in the interior of a vehicle without proper supervision, and that means adult supervision. Your ten year old son shouldn’t be responsible for your 2-3 year old.
  2. Stress to your children that the vehicle isn’t created for them to run rampart. It is not a safe place to play around, and they are required to keep their hands inside the vehicle, keep their safe belt on, and to sit properly in their seats.
  3. Adding onto part one, you should teach older siblings or family members (teenagers or older) how to properly buckle and supervise their siblings, or younger family members.
  4. To avoid a common problem with entanglement with seat belts, it is recommended that you buckle up any seatbelts that aren’t being used, and make sure they are tight. This will stop young children who like to have their hands on everything from grabbing, pulling and playing with loose seatbelts.
  5. If an accident occurs, and you need to remove a child from their seatbelt, it is recommended that you add a pair of scissors to your vehicle first aid and safety kit. So you can properly remove the seatbelt in case of emergencies. Make the location of this tool is known to any other older members.

There you have it, these are just a few of the safety tips you should consider for those of you who are either first time parents, or just haven’t put much thought into the worst case incidents that may occur with your child in the car.

Source: Arrigo Automotive Group

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