Facts About Your Camaro

So we all know that the Camaro had different generations and different looks, just like the Camaro Hub Caps that came on it. So heres some history on that fabulous Camaro that Ford dislikes ever so much.

It only took two years for GM and Chevy to realize that the Ford Mustang was doing extremely well and that they wanted to have their own Mustang. In 1966, Chevy released the Pony model of the Camaro with Factory Original Camaro Wheel Covers on it. Even though it came out with kind of a cheap six cylinder for volume sales, the Camaro was available with a number of V8 engines and a multitude of different performance options.

As we all know, the 1967 Camaro with OEM Camaro Hubcaps was inspired by the already released Ford Mustang. Chevy stated that the word Camaro had originally come from the French word comrade. There were some people that had to argue that that word was technically the Spanish word for a type of shrimp; but as you can tell, GM didnt care.

Even though the name was arguable, the Camaro had enough muscle to it to back up its case. The new Camaro was going to be based on the upcoming Chevy Nova platform at the time it was going to be released. From the time it was released, the Camaro had been offered in two different styles: a hardtop coupe or as a convertible model; not to mention that it had like 80 factory options and about 40 dealer accessories! Its almost like it was ahead of its time when it came out, you know?

There were three main option packages that were available with a choice of four different engines! There was an RS package that had more than enough cosmetic changes that included a blacked out grill with hidden headlights. The SS package had the 350 cid V8 standard with some sort of special bumble bee striping and the blacked out grill. There were some people that ordered the RS/SS Camaro, this is where the RS badging took priority.

The 1968 Chevy Camaro still had the OEM Camaro Wheel Covers on it, it just underwent some minor changes. The grill looked more horizontal and the vent windows were dropped and something called Astro Ventilation was added; I bet people didn’t really know what that was so it made them want to know and just made them want the car more so they can have something that no once else did. There were side marker lights added and the SS396 had received some chrome inserts.

When the 1969 model came out, you can tell that it had a lot more changes done to it. The grille all of a sudden had a deeper set and the taillamps were noticeably longer and thinner. This Camaro even had new fenders, new door skins, and new rear-quarter panels .. whatever those are. Inside of this fabulous Camaro, there was a redesigned dash and the seats were more comfortable than when it first came out! It seems like this car had everything, right?

The generation that we have now is probably one of the best ones that we have now. It combines all of the great things from the original Camaro and puts in the technology from today to make it even better than it ever was. It doesnt have the Camaro Hubcaps like the first generation did, but that doesnt mean the wheels arent hard to look at.

So, out of everything that you just read, which one would you buy: the Ford Mustang or the Chevy Camaro?


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