dodge ram fog lights

Dodge Ram Led Fog Lights

Have you ever had the experience of maneuvering on your vehicle through that dense foggy night with huge traffic all around? With fog all around, the visibility would be so poor that you cannot see the vehicle, which is just 1 foot away. Over and above that is the irritating poor lighting of the vehicle. The normal headlights are of little use. Can’t even imagine the trouble that one goes through at that moment. It is like a nightmare. One would even go to the extent of cursing oneself for not taking adequate care and made possible efforts to equip one’s vehicle to face such a grim situation. If only you had visited wouldn’t have faced such a difficult situation.

At will get the LED Fog lights. LED is the most popular type of light that is being these days on all types of vehicles. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These come in high intensity but with the white color they still maintain the coolness and soothness, which is highly favourable for the night condition.

They come in three different size and shapes. There is the round LED Fog light that is 3.5 inch in size. In this 18 LEDs are tightly placed that emanates sufficient light to view through dense foggy situations. They consume less power as compared to the amount of visibility they provide i.e. less than 1 watt. They come in a highly compatible mode and thus can fit into almost all car models. They are easy to fit and if you are going for a replacement of an existing fog light then it is even more easier. It is accompanied by the wire and brackets required for mounting and connecting.

There is the other model, the Pro Series 20 LED fog lightsin Cool 6000K Color, that comes with 20 LED Fog light that are closely set in a 9 inch by 1.5 inch enclosure. It comes in a pair, totaling to 40 LEDs. These emanate a cool white color that pierces through the thick fog and gives the eyes the needed visibility.

The third model is the 12 LED Universal Fog Lights. These are day driving lamps that can be used for dual purpose: as day driving lamps as well as for the extra visibility at night. This too comes in a pair with 6 LEDS each, set in an 11.5cm x 2.7 cm x 1.2 cm enclosure that is supposed to be the most slim and elegant size. The Universal LED Day Light enables it to produce a higher level of brightness that gives more visibility and ensures more safety while driving, both at day and night time. It is also power efficient and requires only 9V-14V DC and produces a current of 60mA x 2 and consumes 0.8W x 2 only. The angle adjustment facility is the most advantageous in this model. They come with the necessary wires and brackets for wiring and mounting.

All these, at the most affordable cost, you can find only at

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