Build Your Own Buick

There are many individuals who would jump at the chance to create and even customize cars for the future. Well, bespoke cars are not a far-off possibility. Buick has just created a website in which you can choose and build a 2014 car model, fully designed by none other than yourself. Buick has long been known to be one of the oldest independent automobile companies that still exist today. Buick does not only offer city cars but also has luxury vehicles under its arsenal. Due to high public demand, the company has provided their loyal customers a way to design their ultimate dream Buick car, which may be a simple one or an expensive one – the choice is all up to you. Start by viewing your nearest Buick dealerships inventory like that of Pitre Buick.

Steps in Creating and Building Your Own Buick

The first step in designing your Buick car is to select the year of your choice, from 1926 up to 2014. Whether you choose 1926, it won’t be a fatal error, for everything is valid. Having to choose from car models from 1988 to 2003 would understandably result in varied design specifications and features. Your next step would be to choose the body style and the exterior design of your choice of car. Design choices are numerous, ranging from the classic to more modern aesthetics. There are also descriptions available that you might want to scan to enable you to choose appropriately. Some of the popular designs are the 2014 Buick Enclave and 2014 Buick Verano, which are part of Buick’s luxury lines.

Right after choosing the design, you can choose the type of engine that you want or any air conditioning models, as cars need to perform well and have superior drivability. You would then be asked to specify your zip code in order to proceed with your transaction. It would then generate a quotation specifying the underlying costs entailed to make your dream car become a reality.

Advantage of Building the New Buick

One of the advantages is that you will have the chance to experience and decide on your own on what you want. It may be quite challenging to most individuals who do not have a car design nor engineering background, but the bespoke appeal and unique qualities of your masterpiece is what makes your efforts rewarding. Buick has since grabbed a lot of attention with this new customer-oriented feature that has given them a remarkable marketing edge. The goal of this new scheme is to directly communicate and interact with the consumers and for them to have the ease of specifying which automotive styles and features they would rather have for themselves. In appealing to their client’s freedom of choice, Buick has found a way to keep themselves relevant in the fast-changing lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities of their loyal customers.

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