Wrangler: Safety in Flooded Roads?

Our weather has become more unpredictable nowadays with stronger and more devastating storms hitting our lands. Rain has become deadlier and more often than it used to be in the past. Some claim that this phenomenon is due to what we call Climate Change. Some may agree and some may not. And when we are hit by these natural disasters, we can all agree that these disasters can cause damage, damage to property and damage to lives. When the rain is pouring and flood water is rising, the first thing we don’t want to be submerged is our cars. When flood water reaches our cars, it damages everything and it makes the cars no longer safe to drive. Or worse, the cars are no longer functional due to the damage brought by the water which entered the engine bay. And it’s not a simple problem to deal with. It’s an expensive problem to have, so expensive that you might consider getting a new car instead.


The Wrangler (as seen at PomocoChryslerJeepDodge.com ) is one of the longest standing vehicles Jeep has ever produced. It has been awarded with several recognitions from different organizations due to its uniqueness and performance regardless of the conditions. Like the Cherokee and other similar vehicles manufactured by Jeep, the Wrangler is designed to have its engine bay lifted due to the gap between the chassis and the road which is due to the size of the wheels and the suspension of the vehicle itself. This allows the driver to drive through low-level water ways without worrying about water entering the engine bay. In fact, even when all four wheels have already been submerged under water, the engine is still functional. Amazing, isn’t it? This makes the Wrangler still driveable in flood because of its design. And no, the current of flood water can’t easily wave away the Wrangler. Again, this is due to the design of the vehicle, and its weight. Driving in flood water while the rain is pouring down is not an easy thing to do but driving a Wrangler makes things a little bit better. In addition to this, Wrangler’s engine is built to still run even when all its four wheels are already under water. Its suspension also allows it to move more smoothly even if flood water is rising.


Driving in the flood water is extremely dangerous. It’s a thing that authorities don’t invite civilians into doing. It’s not only about the damage of your car. It’s about putting your own life into a deadly situation. You can be stuck in your car when it stopped working due to the floodwater which entered the engine and when that happens, you can drown especially if the flood water is rising at a quick speed. Unless your Wrangler is not yet totally submerged in the flood, it’s still safe to drive it as long as the flood water doesn’t reach the engine bay. And when you and your Wrangler survived the flood, make sure to visit your Jeep dealer to have your Wrangler checker. Remember: Prevention is always better than cure.

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